Oct 082016

Blog is in its new home, I already noticed that the site is a tad bit slower to load in here, but really can’t complain I am paying 4.5% of the previous┬áprice.It’s not like I get more than 100 hits per month.

I am not making any money from this either , so I am sorry for the 10 to 15 recurrent users, you have to wait a couple of seconds more for it to load ­čśŤ


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Sep 102016

I wrote this post 4 years ago, and I realised that I went to Paris twice, Alsace once, Edinburgh once (plus London), Madrid (Spain) and Stockholm since then… The only place I did not go to is Italy, maybe next?

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Aug 262016

Update: found some other hosting , will move the blog in 3 weeks or so. there will be a bit of downtime!

I still pay for hosting services, email services, dns services, etc.. for a blog that is mostly dead.
the renewal cycle will come in 2 weeks, I think I will either retire this blog or move it to wordpress.com and host it for free under something.wordpress.com… it will have ads but meh who cares.
Don’t want to pay $180+ a year for something that is useless.

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Aug 092016

So my next move should be to a city with as much of the following as possible:

1-On the sea
2-Near mountains and Woods (I love hiking and camping)
3-less than 1 million residents
4-Very green city (parcs, green streets, environmentally sound people etc…
5-Fast internet
6-Tech city, easy to find tech related stuff, jobs, parts, etc…
7-Salaries to Cost of living ratio is acceptable.
8-Do not need a car in most cases (but if I want a car [7] would make it possible to do)
9-Good public transport (metro, trains, busses, tram, etc)
10-Biking lanes
11-Summer Temperatures (max:30, average day: 25, average night 18)
12-Spring/Autumn Temperatures (max: 20, average day 15: average night 12)
13-Winter temperatures(min:-5, average day:10, average night 5, perk snows a couple of weeks a year)
14-Religion: the more atheistic the better.
15-Multi cultural city, racism kept to the minimum
16-Languages: Ideally where one of the languages I speak is spoken there ,not necessarily their first language.I would learn their language anyway.I speak Arabic, French, English and Learning German (probably need a couple of years for conversational level) so a lot of languages can be learnt fairly easily from that like spanish, italian, dutch etc..)
17-Within 5 hours flight to Lebanon so I can see my parents often.
18-Good food culture
19-Good coffee culture
20-Educated people, the more university degrees , the more readers, the more science the better…
21-Art is important, museums, exhibitions, live music in small venues (local bands).
22-High Taxes are fine (if the place is not corrupt and we don’t get things in return)
23-Country not involved in any war.

If you have suggestions please tell me the city with the numbers that applies to it.

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