Jul 172006

No way in fucking hell.
I am not moving to Montreal until I know that everything is back to normal and israel the fucking criminal war machines stop bombing civilians.
How many hezbollah dead till now from the over 200 dead? One…
The rest? Civilians…
And they go crying to the UN.
Fucking Arabs and their money, that’s all they do… They can go rott in hell.
We will survive against all odds.

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Jul 062006

So I got accepted in Concordia (Mtl,Canada) and I should be there around mid august or so.
I am not sure if I will be back to lebanon ever again. If I have a reason to come back I will be in lebanon every 3 months for 10 days or so and the whole summer , if not 2 or 3 years will pass without any visiting.
Oh well lets see if I get any reason at all….

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