Oct 062006

Americans always portray arabs and muslims as people who are sexually repressed, and they always make fun of that…

So dear Arabs, what am I about to show you will change your views about yourselves because in comparaison you are damn perverted.

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Oct 022006

so I was late to class, since the stupid free shuttle bus of the uni was full…so I ran back to the appartement to try get some coins to use the public bus, since (un)luckily I ran out of coins…like usual.
so i ran to the building, open the building door with my first key, went up and openned the flat door with my second key, then when I reached my room, the damn key wouldn’t get in the keyhole…and i was in a hurry so I kept trying to push it in, then I noticed that the keyhole is further in than usual(it was bludging out before), so i was cursing and saying: “great that’s what I needed now, I have to call the person in charge so he can call someone to fix that now). So tried to hold the key inside as much as possible and maybe try to pull the keyhole out again…but in vain and I was getting frustrated, then a frightened voice came from inside : “who is it??”, then I was like…wtf?? then I noticed… the carpet was different and the door was a bit different.
SHIT I am in the wrong floor. I yelled my apology and ran up my to my flat ….

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