Jan 292007

so I was hanging around in this chatroom and one of the people there posted this http://www.ysabellabrave.com/
and he started making a whole fuss about amazing she is, and how beautiful she is.
I thought he was talking about a model or an actress (typical celebrity crush or whatever), but anyway I was curious and followed the link.
What I found there shocked me, relaxed me, made me smile, and me laugh happily.
This woman is amazing, if you put all the talent that you see on TV (those talent shows like American idol) and even some mainstream singers together, they won’t be as good.
She has an AMAZING voice, and I cannot stress how good she is.
I know she will have a pretty good success in the future, and hopefully the near future, because this lad is in love with her voice like many others who commented on her videos.
Keep up the good work girl :).
and this is a sample of one of her videos.

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Jan 252007

I don’t know what to say, I know there won’t be a civil war.
the parameters are way different, but the mess will be there for sometime now.
Stupid Leaders, and stupid followers.
seems the sum of the IQ in Lebanon keeps going down more and more.
Congratulations, you convinced any person that hasn’t really decided if he/she wants to stay or not in Lebanon to make a very easy decision.
Maybe, when all the good people leave and all is left are stupid leaders and their stupid half brain zombies followers, they will all kill each others and we get rid of them once and for all.
I can dream…

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Jan 182007

The posts about women and men want are all over the Lebanese blogosphere and for some reason there is alot of stereotyping and generalization.
So inspired by this, I am posting of what I want in a woman…

1-I want a woman to ride her own motorcycle next to me, and not riding behind me on the back seat.
2-I want a woman to work on her own computer next to me, and if she has a problem to try to fix it on her own before she comes running to me.
3-I want a woman that is not ashamed of her body and what her body needs.
4-I want a woman that takes care of herself, and her health… no half of ton of make up doesn’t count as taking care of yourself, nor the latest clothes count either.
5-I want a woman who is very open minded and like to try new things all the time.
6-I want a woman who has her own girl friends and has girls nights out, while I am having boys nights out.
7-I want a woman who is adventurous and spontaneous, like suggesting out of the bloom to have an unplanned motorcycle trip across Europe.
8-I want a woman who can help me become a better person.
9-I want a woman that can be my best friend, my lover, and my companion without dependency.
10-Finally, I want a woman that loves me.

(of course all things are mutual, not like she does all the work and I sit like a lazy bum on the couch)

and I think I found that woman, but getting her to be with me is an entire different story…

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Jan 132007

Walking in Edinburgh in the middle of winter is no easy thing; no its not because of the cold, its not because of the rain, but its because of winds.
Scotland is the windiest country in Europe and it sure is, I have been here for months and not single day existed without winds, and sometimes the wind is so strong that you have to really make an effort to walk straight.
So here is my guide for easier walking:

1) lose weight, rounded figures have bigger surface area and wind resistance is higher.
2)Walk a lot, work out your legs everyday so you can resist against the might winds.
3)Do not wear baggy clothes, they can act as sails.
4)Wear Boots, the heavier they are the more grip you have.
5)Wear a scarf to protect your neck.
6)And finally be sure to go out on weekend nights to see girls tiny little mini skirts blown up, revealing the lack of what can describe of any type of full underwear :P.

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Jan 122007

1-No more nagging
2-No more stupidity faking
3-More reading
4-less Internet
5-More Working out
6-More in your face bluntness and directness (yeah be scared readers :P)
7-Less junk food eating
8-Learn how to cook properly
9-Learn how to ride a motorcycle (will open a new blog called the motorcycle diary just for that)
10-No More leaving assignments for the last day (like now :P)
11-Less pervertness.
12-(something personal :P)

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Jan 102007

yep, after 17 days in Lebanon with ups and downs, I am back here.
The first day that I came here, I was cursing that I wanted to go back to Leb, now its okay I met my friends and I am having fun again :).
The good thing about Lebanon is the night life, no other place is like it: unless its dedicated just for that like ibiza.
but for everything else, people disgusted me in just 3 and a half months the amount of sectarianism was multiplied, DISGUSTING.
It just reinforced my decision not to live in Lebanon.
Lebanon is good for vacations, you go for 2 weeks every 3 months you go get drunk, dance like hell, meet your friends, see your family then you go back to the country that lets you have a normal life and a good career.
Anyway Edinburgh feels better now, the day is starting to get longer the sun is appearing around 9:30 and disappearing around 4 which is a great improvement from when I left (light at 11 dark at 2:30).
So its okay again :), if I ever decide to stay in Scotland I will make sure that I will get out of here for the whole month of December.
Anyway …

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Jan 022007

Goddess of the desert and pearls,
Architect of Beauty and design,
Smelling of nature and fruits,
Rebellious attitude and vivacious personality

Strikes if provoked, serene by nature
her dark eyes radiate of passion
and her lips asking to be kissed,
can I just answer?

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