Mar 252007

just saw the movie. EXCELLENT!!!!
And for the Lebanese it might just remind them of an event that happened not so long ago…

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Mar 142007

Species evolve by nature selection; that’s what makes species adapt and change to their environment, the individuals with the best characteristics to their surroundings survive and breed, the others just die, eliminating in the process unwanted and weakness in the specie itself.

Humans don’t do that, everyone breeds, people with permanent sickness, short sighted people, people who have a higher potential of cancer, etc. etc.
The only reason that they still breed is our humanity, and our love to help others.
Imagine that we aren’t human, a lot of genetic diseases would be phased out.
Let me take the example of myopia, I used to have myopia before my surgery (I still have traces), like 100,000 years ago I wouldn’t survive in the wild, I would be eaten by some saber tooth simply because I cannot see it coming :P.
For some reason myopia is still here, probably because some 100,000 years ago they found some useful work for people with myopia instead of letting starve to death…
which is good on a humane level, and probably people with myopia instead of hunting were left thinking in some corner and invented some nice stuff, but on the genetic level…what a disaster…
I think we discovered the fire too soon :P.

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Mar 122007

I have a problem, I can never do something unless really challenged: I was like that since school, on hard classes I would ace them, easy classes barely pass…
Now I am having the same problem with working out, its boring me.
So…my French athlete flatmate gave me a good challenge. a Triathlon in 6 months…
so…Guess who is doing a triathlon in 6 months? (hint: you are reading his blog now).
It’s gonna need a lot of training since I can barely run for 10 mins, I have good physical strength but no stamina at all.
Oh well :)…that will soon be changed 🙂

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Mar 112007

I love that movie, I have seen it so many times, and I still can see much more times still.
unfortunately, it always make me cry at the end…
but its a damn good movie.
If you haven’t see it, go…see it..NOW

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Mar 102007

the tree in front of me has little green stuff growing(future leaves), I never thought i would be that happy seeing those 🙂

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Mar 042007

some hour ago, the total lunar eclipse was over, and for the people who missed it don’t worry there is another one in august…
What you see in fact, is a red moon, a moon stained in blood…which has a lot of myths around it, specially myths regarding vampires.
Me and a friend went up a hill called balckford hill just to have a better view, a bit far from urban light, I expected to see some kids wearing as vampires, the weirdest I didn’t see any.
When we reached the hill and we started climbing, we saw a lot of people watching the bloody moon, and when I turned around, I was shocked by what I saw, here she was, an oldish woman(40ish), wearing like a vampire. Her face was painted in white, with heavy black maskara and black gothic looking clothes…
umm… woman… GROW UP…

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