Apr 272007

1)Learn Languages: German(again),Swedish(guess why :P),Norwegian/Danish,Swiss-German,Greek,Indian,Japanese,Chinese,Italian,Spanish, Catalan,Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Farsi.

2)Get 2 motorcycles, a cruiser for everyday use and a track sports bike for weekend fun.

3)Get back to Judo.

4)Add Kendo to that.

5)Make the world tour on a motorcycle.

6)Finish 10 triathlons.

7)Be top 10 in at least 1.

8)Have a threesome, make that two… FFM and MMF.

9)Get a dog.

10)Do the Paris-Dakar race.

11)Cruise the US on a Harley

12)Own a Boat and live in it.

13)Visit all Continents.

14) Do humanitarian work in Africa for a year.

15)Join the mile high club.

16)Buy my parents a nice house in the country side.

17)find someone to share all this with me.

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Apr 262007

You know what pisses me off? People insisting on declaring their “devotion” to their God on every chance they can get.

Some examples:

1)I was driving to see some my friends (watch the insertion here) after praying in [insert religious place here], when bla bla bla happened.

2)Wanna what happened today? on my noon break, we went eating, but we went to the [religious place] first and prayed before of course (pause), and then bla bla bla happened.

Other examples hinting that I should be more religious:

1)-Why aren’t you fasting? its Ramadan you know

-(me giving them the usual answer that they already know since ever)…

– But can’t you at least try?


2)-Do you know how to pray?


-You should Learn then…(insisting on the “should”)

-No thanks.

-You want to go to heaven, don’t you?

-Nope, Hell has all the bad and naughty girls…much better.


And not forgetting the countless invitation to go pray with them as if its going to a nightclub or something…

Why don’t people understand : I AM FUCKING ATHEIST.

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Apr 232007

While I was listening to Metallica, I remembered something that happened with me and my first GF…

She got to my home for the first time, we were both in my room, I was pretty shy then, so she was like hey what kinda music do you listen to? and of course like most rebel kids in the 90s I used to be a total metal head (umm still am :P), I had ever album that Metallica had , So of course I had to put some…

And the funny thing the first song was Garage Inc, CD1, Track 5. If you know your Metallica well you would know its: “Die Die, My Darling”

Needless to say, we didn’t last long… 😛

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Apr 172007

Are women biologically designed to have multiple partners?
1) Women are multi orgasmic, they do not need to rest after each orgasm like most men do.Should the second man take over at that moment?

2)Women drive men crazy, they want a sensitive guy, and a rough guy, delicate but agressive, with a lot of power but they want to have power over him too, with a lot of money but they want their financial independence, and they can never make up their minds about penis size ,well they do: size does matter.But it seems the variety is what keeps them wanting more.

3)Women reach their sexually peaks after 30 (35-40 or so), men reach it at 17/18.(is nature making a cruel joke?).

4)The biggest fantasy of married men, is to watch their women having sex with another guy (single men have the fantasy of have 2 girls at the same time instead).In fact its encoded in their genes to get pumped with testosterone when they do (which translates to 2 reactions: turned on or violent…depends on the person).Its a natural defense to more excited, sperm production peeks, so he can join in and have the most chance impregnating the woman.

5)Women tend to want muscular, manly, rugged men when they are ovulating and skinny, sensitive men when they are not. (if you can pump muscles in a few days then deflate then good for you).

So what can I deduct from this? women want an old guy with a lot of money, sensitivity, take care of her emotionally, be her best friend, AND give her the freedom to have sex with whomever she wants (ie: young muscled rugged men that can last for ever in bed).

Now, the perfect thing would be: You (yes the man reading this) are young, muscled, and can last forever in bed (learn some tantra and kamasutra), Also you are rich, have some artistic nature, sensitive, educated about women needs, open minded, and have a lot of power (outside home).Good luck with that!!!!!


Apr 162007

1) Bush killed Superman: Christopher Reeves anyway,If  he wasn’t so conservative and allowed more freedom for Stem Cells Research, Superman might still be alive…

2)In Lebanon you hardly see disabled people or people with mental challenges or down syndrome, it is because their parents and families try to hide them from everyone else? or in Lebanon our genes are so good?(I doubt…).

In Edinburgh, I see them all the time, walking side by side healthy people, working normally despite their disabilities, being productive like everyone else.

So what is different about Lebanon? Shame of them?

3)I wonder what would my parents do if they come to Edinburgh and see all those punk and goth people walking around with 10s of piercings , multi colored hairs,and heavy black make up. Do they know that me and my brother love the goth style? I doubt it… when they saw his piercings they freaked out, then his tattoo it was a disaster… Lucky bastard. I am too hairy to put any tattoo except on my back… will get one when I get enough money for a huge back piece.

4) Today I felt too old to be studying, enough… 4 more months and its over for me. I will not do a PHD next year. Maybe in 5 years…

5)Finally, I am back in the dating game…

6)I cannot do the triathlon in September, the triathlon is gonna be held at Ben Nevis, the high foggy mountain from my hiking trip; its 21 kms up and down.That’s not the problem, I knew its the hardest triathlon ever, the problem its so hard and they do not want anyone to participate that they have a rule which states only people with 3 and more previously accomplished triathlon races can participate.

So what I am gonna do instead is keep training to do the 3 required triathlons in a year and a half (hopefully) then participate next September in the big triathlon.

7)Can’t wait for my flu to go away, so I can back to training. 2 weeks ago I have cycled 25kms my record till now, and I am so damn proud of myself. Next step…25kms with zero resting time :).

8)People ask me if I miss Lebanon, then they get surprised when I say not at all. I miss my family yes… but Lebanon? pfff… its good to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about the silly stuff that happens in Lebanon everyday, will I be able to drive to hamra today, or the traffic will keep next to barbar for half an hour? what time is the electricity gonna be cut today?  is the Internet connection can work today?, because I need to make a research…Will I be able to drive into the street without seeing a small scooter coming the wrong way rapidly ?  Will the day pass without someone making some stupid sectarian remark? Will I be able to say a hello to a girl passing in the street, just because I am passing next to her without her lifting her nose way up the air and give me the menacing look (el ja2ra)…

9)Speaking of girls, 4 years ago I used to be extremely shy even talking to a girl…any girl.Lebanese women used to strike fear in me, they have the I-am-untouchable-girl-unless-you-have-a-new-Mercedes-and-can-buy-me-dinner-at-any-place-that-I-fancy-anytime-I-want attitude (of course there are some exceptions) that changed a lot when I traveled to Europe in 2003 and saw there is nothing wrong with me.

And now in here, this is being reinforced… Sex life in Edinburgh is NORMAL. the way its suppose to be… :P. Well as much normal as it could be when there is some one as freaky and kinky as me :P.

10) I have an assignment due in 21 hours, I haven’t started yet.Others have been trying to do it for 2 weeks now… I think I am gonna finish before them.Heh…

Apr 142007

Anybody who knows his music, knows who said that line….

yep its James Hetfield, and if you don’t know who he is, you better never ever come back here ever again .

So,apparently I am gonna be one of the wolves, because this boy is going to the Metallica concert on the 8th of July in Wembley Stadium… AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… 14 years and it finally happened 🙂 🙂 🙂 AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Apr 132007

I used to watch Mind of Mencia a lot, I saw entire season 1, and some of season 2…I think he is one of the funniest comedians, and all he speaks is just the truth…

check out one of his songs here

Apr 122007

My mind has been caressed for sometime now with the thought of starting my own venture, being my own boss, taking my own risk, building everything from scratch; Since it will be an IT based company, the first thing I thought about was my friends(since most of them are geeks), I should get them to work with me…

After a long thinking and consideration, even that I trust how they work and how honest they are, working with my friends would be a big no no. In case of problems at work, the last thing I want is that it ruins our friendship…

So..no thanks