Apr 102007

Four weeks ago, my flat mates and I decided to go on a hiking trip in Easter vacation.It was suppose to be a very sunny relaxing 4 days, the weather should have been hot, the hiking easy (according to my flatmate) and we do not need much preparation.And boy we were so wrong, Spring in Scotland is unpredictable as its winter, you see 4 or 5 different weathers in a day, so here is what happened with as much details as possible without boring the sh**t out of you.

Thursday April 5:

Last minute preparations: buying hiking pants, buying hiking shoes , withdraw cash, get ID papers, some food and water and light clothes (t-shirts and 1 fleece jacket..which was suppose to be enough).

We went out of Edinburgh at around 7 pm heading to Pitlochry(me, Julien,Shwang) and we arrived there at around 9 pm where we met the 4th member of our little expedition: Lucas.

A bit of info about the four of us:

Me: Lebanese, haven’t hiked for 7 years, on a strict diet to lose weight gained from all these years sitting 14 hours behind the computer.

Julien: French, dedicated athlete who trains 2 to 3 hours a day.

Lucas: Swiss, and like all swiss has to go training with the army every year for 3 months, so also fit.

Shwang: Chinese, he is better than me, he eats healthier, he runs and takes care of himself.

The guys when we arrived at the hostel of Pitlochry, started cooking the food we got the day before in preparation and since I am really bad at cooking, I cleaned everything after we finished eating.

Then we headed to our rooms and slept, well they slept… I didn’t sleep for 10 mins. Shwang and another guy snored like hell…

Friday April 6 2007:

They woke up, I got up of bed cursing and pissed off, we started preparing some food…I didn’t eat enough.We put everything in the car and went at the base of the valley ,took our stuff and started ascending…unfortunately I do not have any pictures of Pitlochry’s hike, the weather was pretty bad, I was without energy(didn’t eat enough nor slept), and my stupid t-shirt and fleece jacket were obviously not enough; in other words I didn’t enjoy it at all…

When we get back, we went to to the city center and I bought some proper windproof, water proof, warm breathable jacket.

We drove to our next stop Aviemore where we got some food and headed to our next destination Cairngorm where we cooked, drank and stayed the night.(I slept better there from exhaustion

Saturday April 7 2007:

This time I ate better, I was better equipped, I had more food in my bag, and my new jacket worked pretty good, it was a short walk around 3 hours, where me and Shwang got separated from Julien and Lucas because they went on a harder climb and we were suppose to meet them but they never showed up.

We waited for like 45 mins, until we decided to go back to the car, get lighter and go and try to search for them and if necessary get rescue because we feared that something bad happened to them, anyway when we reached there and we were preparing coming back we saw them coming.

Here are some pictures. How it looks...

and here is the way that Julien and Lucas decided to go.can you see them?

We drove to Fort Wiliam where we did the usual cooking, drinking and sleeping in preparation to the next day…

Sunday April 8 2007:

The hardest hike that we are supposed to do is this one, in Fort William on the Mountain called Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK and one of the hardest to hike.

Just a quick previews to tell you what was awaiting us written on some boards at the beginning of the trail but we missed because of the excitement we felt…


what we didn’t have…

we saw this pamphlet when we returned…

It was targeted for the climb in summer… add to those crampers and walking sticks then you would be equipped…

Anyway what we saw from below is this and only this…

notice that the top of the mountain is not visible due to heavy heavy fog.

We started the climb, it was one of the steepest path that I have ever been on, I had no energy , I was overheating because I wore too much clothes too soon (bought a thermal too in Aviemore just for this day), My finger was hurting (did I mention that I cut it badly with the new swiss knife that I bought in Aviemore with the thermal?), and apparently I was getting sick (I am sick while writing this).

The guys started going farther and farther away from me, so instead of trying to catch up I instead went on a very slow pace keeping company of the other hikers and talking to them for a while before they pass me ( I knew half of the people around the mountain)…

Here are some pics around half way up…notice how far it was from the road below.

The top from around 3/5 of the way…

The Dangerous Path full of rocks starting 2/5 of the way…

Anyway when I reached around 4/5 of the way, I saw my flatmates going down and they told me going up with our equipments is out of the question, visibility is almost none, the snow was very deep, and it was way below freezing point so we got back slowly feeling defeated…hearing The Ben laughing at us in the background…(fucker…)

We went to another hostel, we ate, and slept this time more than usual…

Monday April 9 2007:

We took a different route while going back, passing thru Glencoe and Sterling here are some pics of the road.

A pic in Sterling…

Tuesday April 10 2007…

Writing this, with a snotty nose, headache, overheating (fever playing), dead tired and I should start studying soon because my finals are getting near…

To see all the pictures in proper format and bigger resolution click here

Ben… See you in June Fucker…

Apr 042007

So I was talking with this girl about my tongue, because she saw how big it is and I have this habit to end a lot of phrases with a “:P” when making a joke.
So I was like yeah I am proud of my tongue, its my joy and pride…she corrected it by saying “Pride and Joy”…
so I was yeah yeah and i started saying some famous quotes but tonguating them :P.
like: “Going boldly where no tongue has gone before” (startrek)
and when I reached: “Its a small lick for (a) tongue, a giant lick for tongue kind”.
She was like: “To the moon?”
My answer was: “Moons are nice, but they have to be clean…”


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Apr 012007

One of the weirdest dreams that I had so far, the entire dream is a bit incoherent because I don’t remember every detail anyway here it goes.
For some reason I was in a parking in Edinburgh inside my (sold) mercedes, same mercedes not opposite sides, but the roads were like in the UK. I was trying to drive and for some reason I always ended up driving on the wrong side of the road(right side for us) and I almost hit other cars so I return to the parking, then I talk to this old woman a bit and I tell her why i can’t drive correctly, then I decide to try again and this time I go on the right side of the road, i feel weird because everything is inverted, and seems the parking was next to AUST ( the edinburgh branch…go figure) and it was even on a curved road exactly like AUST Lebanon, but the difference is that instead of hotel dieu and some bridges I could see a long road between rocky moutains, and while driving rocks were falling from the moutains and I was trying to evade them at the same time trying to evade the traffic because everything is inverse, and I reached a place where the road was completely blocked by fallen rocks so I had to go offroad and drive over huge rocks with my mercedes, which btw before you say its impossible… I have done that in real life 😛 (mercedes 300E 1990 is a tank :P)..
And then the dream ended, maybe…or I just forgot the rest…bleh.
and no its no april fool..

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Apr 012007

Yesterday I finished my final assignments, I do not have any more courses to attend so basically I will never attend any courses ever again, all I have are finals and my thesis :).
So you can expect me to start updating all my blogs again :).
I had a damn tough 2 months :).

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Apr 012007

Whether its for msn messenger, yahoo messenger, google talk, myspace, facebook for any web application that has a profile pic , people are just funny.
Men usually strike either funny poses, pictures doing something interesting, or for some reason angry poses.
As for women generally you have two kind of women.
1)women who think themselves beautiful, which is mirrored by all the model like poses while making suggestive hot curves with their bodies and pouting their lips.
2)women who think they’re ugly, and what they do post are pictures which makes them really ugly (even if they weren’t ugly in reality), pictures that do not relate to them but somehow describes how they perceive themselves, and the worse pictures kind of all posting a pic of them with a very hot girl to attract guys just enough to reveal their “secret”…

I am usually posting pics of myself in the funny poses category, most of the time with my tongue dangling out of my mouth. Did I ever say that I am damn proud of that tongue ?

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