May 312007

Remember this previous post?

Well it seems that some women are living a particular lifestyle that gives them what one man cannot.

How? Simply by having sex with any man they want, whenever they feel like it.

Some men will jump now, defending the cheated poor husband, well that’s where the interested thing lays: the husband knows and approves of her actions.Since he knows he can never satisfy her (usually a man with a tiny penis), so he prefers to give her freedom than lose her(or in some cases she is so strong that she imposes her freedom despite him, poor him).

And no its not a 2 way open relationships, in those relationships usually the man stays monogamous, while she has all the fun she wants, and for some reason those men are content of that.

So what is it for us, single men? ALOT. why?

Those women tend to be hot, they take care of themselves to the max, they dress sexy, they are pretty experienced and confident, and for our luck they are MARRIED.meaning, we can have much fun with them without having a full fledged relationships, we would be lovers, not husbands, we would be the object of desire but not “in better and worse” man.

Can we stay like that forever? nope…sooner or later we would need someone to share our lives with and settle with, just make sure you satisfy her enough :P.(hah, yeah right… like that is possible :P)

There are a lot of sites online that deals with such lifestyle, but after browsing around I think scandalouswomen is the best, since its from the women point of view and tends to be more down to earth than other websites where mostly masochist men just tell their fantasies which varies from mild to damn scary.

Enjoy girls 😛 and if you need a date I am always available :P.

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May 012007

Only in Edinburgh:

1)People paint themselves and dance around only in a thong in the damn cold

2)Only in Edinburgh you can make out with any girl on the 1st of may by saying to her: Happy Beltane.

I love fertility pagan festivals 😛

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