Aug 232007

And the funny thing its not from Scots, at all I encountered to racist comments in here and the sad thing that one of them was Lebanese, thinking about it Lebanese people are VERY racist.

I was walking in Edinburgh with a Lebanese guy, a friend of a friend and there was a very beautiful black woman passing by, and I said: “Wow she is very beautiful”.He looked at me in a weird way and asked : “So you like black women?” as if its something very weird, I replied to him, does it matter? beautiful people are beautiful no matter what race, He didn’t answer… Racist Fucker.

The other incident happened a few days ago, we were 4 people in an Indian festival celebrating the 60 years of India’s independence and there was a cute girl dancing and shaking and one guy who is dutch said: “I am not indian, but the girl is kinda sexy”.The guy pissed me off, he was like saying she is kinda sexy, and insisting that he is not indian…as if its only indian people are suppose to find her sexy.Bleh…

Stupid Racism.

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