Sep 232007

The woman’s pocket is a peculiarity of the male physiognomy that appears at puberty, which is basically a side pocket in the male intestines that is meant to do one thing: Store farts when a woman is within the range of a 10 meters radius.

Basically the pocket stores farts that every man, being gentleman and all, restricts his usual body functions that are usually let out freely around other males, and in some instants around females if a sufficient amount of alcohol is consumed.

Every male should exercise using more of the woman’s pocket, because the more it used the bigger it is and the more farts it can store, as farting excessively around females might driving them away.If everything else fails use a brandy cork …. 😛

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Sep 142007

I got sick for the second time in 3 weeks, I hope it won’t be like last year, I fucked up my Masters because I was so damn sick the entire fall and winter, I am giving my health till December, if I keep getting sick I would have to leave Edinburgh :(.

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Sep 122007

So, for the last 3 months I have been between stages, I sort off finished Uni, but not quiet; still waiting for an appeal if it works out I would have 3 months left, if not I should start searching for a job and hopefully stay in Edinburgh.

Other than that, most of my friends in here left one by one, for the past month I have been saying goodbye to people almost on a daily basis and it sucks!!! Since I know that some of them I will never see again, well that’s life… and a really wise lady said something to cheer me up that made me feel a bit better : ” now you can call the whole world your home”.

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