Apr 272008

Some of my friends asked me why the abundance of atheistic and anti-religion posts in here…so here is my answer for everybody.

Lebanon has been in trouble for a while now, sectarianism is rocketing, and I see lots of my friends taking sectarian sides, and from the people who are not taking sides, they just lost the will to think and completely submitted to religion.Their lives now are revolving about a god, every word every sentence every action is about religion.Which frankly pisses me off.

I just hate quitters, people who instead of trying do things in life, they just sit in the corner, take a damn book as an excuse for not doing anything and relying on some imaginary supreme being to save them.

just my 0.02

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Apr 112008

I just knew that the “government” decided to force all pubs in beirut closing at 11:30 pm on weekdays and 1 am on weekends, excellent!

Way to go “govvyyyy”, take what Lebanon is famous of, its nightlife, and kill it.

Dear “govvyy”

I need to tell you a few things, I have been living in Scotland for a year and a half now, and one of the worse things about the nightlife in here, is that pubs have to close at 1 am, and nightclubs at 3 am.So when europeans come to Lebanon and see that the pubs and nightclubs don’t close until the last person leaves, they fuckin LOVE it.

Since dear “govvyyy” you are so new about governing, since you were always lead …, I mean still lead, Lebanon’s main income comes from tourism, around 70% if I remember correctly my primary school geography, oh no sorry, that’s the whole services sector.Anyway, tourism consists in Lebanon consists basically of, Nature tourism to see our green Lebanon(umm the few patches that are cut off and with a few hundreds of thousands of cluster bombs, thanks southern neighbor), to see our beautiful culture (divided by sectarianism at the moment), our great beaches( polluted, polluted and with a huge patch of oil again thanks southern neighbor, not visible anymore but its still there), our great services (yep with the inflation everybody goes to Dubai instead), our food (good, at least that’s intact), our historical monuments and history in general (pre 1975 preserved more or less well, minus some damage to baalbeck from July 2006, thanks to southern neighbor of course, after 1975 we got lots of versions), and last but not least our great nightlife,(which was pretty much the best thing in the whole area, every single foreigner LOVES it).

And now!!!! you dear “govvyyy” want to destroy that too? what can I say? I mean it starts with this, then next they close everything, after that enforce veils as well… anything else?

I understand the gemmayze residents want to sleep, so instead of shutting down 14 pubs, and inforce this ridiculous time limit, be more reasonable and in force something called soundproofing , yeah it does exist!!! I am not lying , I swear!!!!

oh and also make some law about parking, I mean there are parking meters everywhere, start with zoning laws, gemmayze citizens get some card where they can display it on their car screens and they can park anywhere they want, but visitors have so limited spaces.And fine people who sing and yell in the streets.


thank you for listening “govvyyy”… I am probably hallucinating…

Update: Curfew dropped. yay!

(I think Mr Sarkis listened to me :P)

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Apr 102008

So been a few months that everyone is flexing muscles in the middle east, Iran a few months ago, US with the Cole Khara a few weeks ago, Israel and Syria at the moment.

they are all flexing muscles and getting ready for a big war, instructing their military, civilians and hospitals what to do, providing bomb shelters and precautions.

And what is our government doing? (since obviously Lebanon is going to be in the middle of it), oh nothing much just trying to find plans on how to defeat the opposition while the average citizens doesn’t even have a bomb shelter to go to in case the war starts.

Thank you Government of thieves.

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Apr 062008

Since the beginning of time everything that is unknown is associated with gods; if its raining, then its god of rain that won the day, if its sunny then god of sun kicked the god of rain’s ass and dominated the day, until both of them got kicked by god of night, and the loop continues…

A few thousand years later, a few dozain gods are replaced by one god instead, humans have scientists now, they know a lot of new stuff, the amount of unknown is much less, so 1 god is enough for them.

Current times, you rarely see people who are still extremely religious, excluding the new born Christians in the US and some super exploding Muslims , most people now just believe that there is a god that protects them, but they most of them do not think that when there is hurricane then he is angry or in a bad mood, then she just associate it with natural phenomenas.Believing in a god now is just a matter of comfort, because if any person bothered to read some books more than his bible or Koran they would know that there is no god. Reading about all the different religions over time and how each religion steals from a previous and neighboring religions, add some salt/pepper cook it a bit more would be proof enough. But I guess most people just want some assurance that somebody is watching over them and that’s all this praying and being “good” religion wise is not gone for nothing and they will be rewarded later when they die.

Future time? I just hope that religion and its mean of controlling humans and make them walking zombie disappear completely, its just a way to restrict how much people are capable of doing by giving them all the guidance they need, closing their minds, stop them from asking and researching.

Good luck!

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