Jun 092008

I was putting on my clothes today fast so I can join a friend of mine in the pub to watch Holland vs Italy’s game on big screens while we drink beer, and jut before I leave I start hearing someone shouting:HELLO! Anybody there??!!! Wissam??!!!!.

It was weird, the voice sounded muffeled, far, I tried to track the voice, but couldn’t, I checked the windows, maybe someone screaming to me from outside, and suddenly I realised that the sound is coming from my pants!!!! Gahh, I got scared!! my penis wants to talk!!!! I have been trying to avoid that for years, how can I explain all the abuse, the beating, the strangeling, shoving him into dark moist places!!! I wanted to hide!

Thankfully it was just my friend, while I tied my shoe laces, apparently the phone dialed the last number called…

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