Aug 252008

I am enjoying your last cries of agony, you cannot lure me in again, no matter how much images you flash in front of me, no matter how much you try to make me comfortable, I just can’t wait to pierce your blackened heart until your blood of hatered washes my soul clean.

Our Paths are forever seperated…

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Aug 252008

I was inside being tortured for years, seeing everything in cruel dark way, hating myself.But now, the gates are open and I am starting to walk slowly towards that cool breeze in the distance.

Lots of people tried to help me accept that I am in there convincing me that its not that bad, and for a while I started to accept it.Others tried to help me opening the door, by giving me instructions on how to find the key to the inside, the problem was, there was no fringin keyhole on the inside.But now, she helped me by opening the gates from the outside, I am thanfkful enough for the others , without them I wouldn’t even be near the gates but instead being lost somewhere in the infinity of purgatory.

I am on my way to Green Earth, and I am taking you with me…

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Aug 252008

Me and my friend Joe were discussing personality types a few days ago, about how INTJ people like to analyse and profile people, as you have guessed it I am an INTJ as well. I found this nice ability that lets me estimate to almost a week accuracy when a couple that look perfectly happy together, will break up.

Usually there are 5 stages of an incompatible relationships the length of each stage is dependent how smart the potential breaker will be, how early he/she will notice the incompatibility even with the initial NRE(New Relationship Energy).

Stage 1: The NRE. the other is amazing, perfect partner, everything about them is cute, amazing, lovely, hot, sexy. At the end of this stage, the breaker would start noticing some incompatibilities but they will usually ignore them: its fine, we do not need perfectly alike, opposites attract after all.Basically deluding themselves.

Stage 2: The others. After an initial stage the couple will start seeing friends again at a most recurrent pace, not like first period when only the two go out on dates and basically fuck each others brain out.  Friends will start measuring up together, and in a while they will notice the incompatibilities better than the couple. Specially if there is a big personality difference, like if the girl is fun, sweet, highly sociable one and the guy is a quiet, barely talking , guy who sits in the corner not talking at all(the friends of the female will notice the incompatibility, the friends of the male would think that the girl is amazing). The friends of the female usually start probing around with “innocent” questions, but in fact they would be trying to show the girl that they are incompatible in an indirect way.  At this stage, on the outside everything looks like normal, on the inside, the breaker would start thinking more with the head and not with the genitals, but still they deny their feelings as stupid and the other person is just amazing, and they are just being silly even thinking about that.

Stage 3: Fun without the other. At this stage, the couple start to have an alone time, they start having guys only night outs, girls only night outs, just to be back in the normal life. They miss their lives after all, they miss the crazy things that they do with the gang.(there is a problem here if either is not in their usual environment and the only friends they have, are the friends of the other person). At this stage, they both start oggling others “innocently”. At the first two stages, even the horniest men, wouldnt even bother looking at other girls, no matter how hot they are.

Stage 4: The decline. The breaker specially will start noticing that they miss a lot there old selves, the type of fun that they used to do, and they do not do anymore. At this stage, the breaker will start becoming quieter, the other person will start noticing something wrong, the breaker usually blames it on something else: work, other friend, pms or what ever.

Stage 5: The break up. It starts by started going out more and more alone to do the stuff that the breaker loved to do. Until one day they find another person who they share much more in common that their current this stage the break up is in a matter of around 10% of the time that they spent together in total.(10% is a vague estimate on observations alone, no sources to back it up). Thought the person that started the break up, will rarely be the new lover. They would instead just be friends.

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Aug 072008

I am interested in finding a formula that relates the Amount of rain and the drop of IQ in human beings, just look at drivers; they start driving stupidely as if they just learned how to drive, they do so much stupid mistakes that you start wondering if driving while it rains should be banned…

The drivers are not the only people who become stupider when it rains, pedestrians become much worse: pedestrians generally are mostly annoying entities, stopping suddenly in the middle of sidewalk , group together and talk blocking the entire way, jumping red lights in front of cars, etc.. but also when it rains, they stop looking in front of them properlyand on top of that they get a hold of a weapon, their umbreallas! they insist on cramming it everywhere they go, without looking with potentially poking everyone’s eyes out while they walk!And on top of that Scotland is very windy, what on earth they’re thinking? get a rain cap like everyone else!

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