Sep 292008

I always had some ideas on how I want my funeral to be:

Since I am Atheist, I didn’t want anyone to pray for me or do any religious stuff to my body, or what ever religions say that people must do to the dead people. I wanted my internal organs to be donated, then the rest burnt, while if they can freese my brain, in hope of resurrection. As well no crying would be allowed, no black clothes, and a party should be held in my name.

I was laying in bed just now, trying to clear my head a bit from studying and I couldn’t sleep; But I realised one thing.I would be fucking DEAD! why on earth would I care what people would do to my body, if they pray or not, wear black clothes or not. Funerals are not for the dead, but for the people left behind. The whole ritual is to make the living more at ease, as if they are doing something. So, if you wanna pray, wear black, mourn etc. do it, its for you after all.Just one thing, I still insist on donating my internal organs.

Carpe Diem!

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Sep 292008

I need to apologise for some ideas that I used to have about you; When I came here , I thought your sense of dressing is very bad, and I used to compare you with the way Lebanese girls are dressed up where the hips are usually prominent and emphasised.

In Reality you were just following the fashion faster than Lebanese girls, I was checking some pictures of what I miss in Lebanon for the past 2 years, and surprise! Lebanese girls are dressed up just like you!

Damn designers! they killed something that men love to see, the swinging of the butt while women walk!

I need to start my own fashion line…

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Sep 272008


The term martyr (Greek μάρτυς martys “witness”) is most commonly used today to describe an individual who sacrifices their life (or personal freedom) in order to further a cause or belief for many.

So, a killed solider is a martyr, but a person dying from an explosion is NOT a martyr, that person is a victim!!!!

Enough with over using that word!

People who died randomly from a terrorist act, did not choose to be there, they did not pick that car and walked next to it because they knew it was a bomb. They are victims.

wo Bleh…

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Sep 232008

1)get back to the gym   (done).

2)get back to judo  (In a few hours)

3)get back to trekking (27 september)

4)enroll back to driving lessons

5)enroll in motorcycle riding lessons

6) get back to the the guitar (done)

7)get back  to drawing

8)do my exams. ( done)

9)book LPI exams

10) Find a damn job (Interview on the 30th)

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Sep 192008

I read 2 words and I feel relaxed, add the 3rd in the middle I feel powerful, translate them and fill in the blanks and I just feel poetic…

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Sep 162008

There are a few references of religions that are almost permanent in all Hollywood Series; you have some hints, episodes that just have to be there:

1)The Christmas episode, a problem is there but gets resolved by some kind of Miracle and while at it some skeptic or someone who lost faith gets it back.

2)The Jewish hints, some wedding, a Jew who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, some random guy that passes temporarly.

3)The Muslim with some dilemma caused by the difference in culture.

4)The Buddhist with the unusual problem.

5)The Atheist that is causing trouble all around him.

6)The Satanist with the tattoos and piercings (as if being Goth means satanist).

7)Some minor cult or religion that people barely know about.

All that translate to: Its good to be Christian, its even better to be newborn Christian. To be a Jew is okay, as long as you don’t appear too jewish.To be muslim is a problem. To be Buddhist is exotic and fascinating but its not really practical. To be Atheist is just evil, go away! To be Satanist is a bit less evil than being atheist, because god is merciful. And last, if you have a weird ass religion, then you are one messed up bastard, go away we don’t need you.

I bet if you watch any series and I do mean any series, you will notice these immediately if you look for them. Enjoy :P.

Yeah I know…weak post. I did not know how to write it properly.

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