Sep 132008

Don’t be walking following 2 guys into a dark alley in the middle of no where.

they would keep looking at you scared that you would mug them…

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Sep 112008

I have been nagged to have clear non cryptic post the way I used to do, the problem is most my previous posts were born out of frustration and anger, and usually when I am angry I become very sarcastic and when I am sarcastic people find me funny; I am not angry now.

So I have no clue what to write, I can’t find something that is annoying me enough to bash at it and create a post, weird huh?So I am just gonna give some updates

1)I got my drive back, I am starting slowly to stand up again, to be competitive, to love being challenged, so watch out ;).

2)I am back to the gym heavily and I lost 5 kilos already, I improved from barely running 2.5 kms in 25 mins to running 5 kms in 36 mins 50 sec, and I am aiming in 1 year to be able to run 15 kms in 1 hour. impossible? no! hard to achieve? definetly.

3)I am pretty relaxed, I am sleeping much less: around 6 hours a day, I wake freeling refreshed as well.

4) I am not happy yet, but reaching there.

why the change? I don’t have to explain that just read the post titled “Walking back from the gates of hell…”.

Happy enough? joe, marilyn, posh,krys, liliane?


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Sep 042008

I am a Biker without a Bike

I am a Geek without Unix

I am a Kinkster without a Girlfriend

I am a Hiker without Boots

I am a Musician without Notes

I am a Racer without Speed

I am  Sailor without a Boat


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