Oct 262008

Yesterday the Lebanese security forces ceased 2 trucks full of marijuana, and today 15 trucks!

My  question is, why on earth would you do that? let the people have fun a bit,Lebanon’s been fucked for 3 years now, a bit of weed wouldn’t hurt anyone!

In fact I suggest to put in the middle of martyr square, put them on fire and let whole beirut inhale! maybe our stuck up, stupid politicians relax a bit , start hugging each others and stop their idiocy!

fucking idiots…

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Oct 112008

I have a thing for helping people, when I do that it makes me feel good about myself so in  a way I help people for my own good.

On the other hand, the worse feeling in the world for me is busting my ass trying to help someone, working for hours just to make their life easier while doing something, and then not even be acknowledged for all that help.Its a direct kick to the balls.And any man would tell you it fucking hurts!

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Oct 072008

I got a mouse in my flat, my first mouse ever in Edinburgh for 2 years 1 month that I have been living here, which is by Edinburgh standards quiet amazing since I hear people having not just 1 mouse, but whole families of mice that live with them in “harmony”.

So I went to buy some traps, and got impressed by those high frequency noise emitters, after all they are expensive so they have to work! next morning I saw the fucker having a walk next to one.So today I went and bought some humane trap,basicaly its a tube that closes shut when a mouse enters, in the hope of releasing back to the “wild”.

Now the most funny thing, on the intructions paper it says that I should check the traps at least once every 6 hours to avoid distress to any captured mouse; here I was laughing my ass off: avoid distress to a mouse!!!! , that’s just hilarious, correct me if I am wrong, but now in the UK they can withhold a guy for 42 days without any charges what’s so ever…distress to a mouse…give me a fucking break!

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Oct 062008

We middle eastern just love to fight, and if we don’t fight using  missiles and cluster bombs we find something else to fight about.

I was just reading some hilarious that some Lebanese union wants to sue Israel for stealing Lebanese food and market it as their own , as their own cuisine.At first glance you would think , yeah! in what right they do that?? we should sue their asses! the argument is that we Lebanese have been cooking these dishes for hundreds of years before even israel existed!

And there’s the fucking problem!! Lebanon is 5 years older than israel!!! Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine have been more or less counted as one unit for thousand of years! the Levant! we have the same food, the same culture, the same habits, and if you really want to dig it up, almost the same language etymology wise.What we cook, is that what all those newly found countries cook! the difference is a bit of extra salt here, a bit less of pepper there, one ingredient more or less just to reflect a certain area, I mean even in Lebanon kebbeh of the north is different than kebbeh of the south! the only truly dish that came 100% from the current lebanese with its current borders is the tabouleh! I am not sure about the baba ghanooj. But humus , falafel, shawarma, sheesh tawoo2 etc. are not a Lebanese invention! its something from the whole area!!!!

But hey at least we make them the best, and no body can deny that!

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Oct 042008

Today while I was working out at the gym, I was already becoming extremely tired and barely able to lift any weight anymore, so I went to the water fountain to drink some water, and there I see on the mat a guy doing sit-ups like a spring and he had a prosthetic arm: the guy was pretty in shape and I watched him move from machine to machine without skipping a beat and I thought to myself:  damn that guy is amazing, he is missing a whole limb and he still can workout faster and better than me, then I thought some more, I wish all lazy bastards who sit on the couch all day, that whine if they walk for 5 mins, take their cars for 1 km distance instead of walking, and haven’t been in a gym since their primary school, could actually see this guy. They would feel much shame.

Kudos to that guy :).

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