Oct 032008

I can’t say how many times(3) I go to a new kebab shop to eat because I am hungry(obviously), asked my origin, then the next question: are you muslim? and its always with this cheeky smile, as if they met their new bestfriend. I mean wtf? what does it have to do with anything? why is it that important to be muslim? bleh!

Yesterday was the worse time…

fuck face:Are you muslim?


fuck face:Are you christian?

me: No

fuck face:What then?


other fuck face: what is an atheist?

fuck face: someone who doesn’t believe in any religion.

other fuck face: aha (frown)

fuck face: so what is your family,  also atheist?

me: (knowing that he wants to associate me whether I like it or not) there are some atheist yeah.

fuck face: all of them?

me: no . (turned my back and finished eating)

fuck face: hmm (invisible frown)

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