Dec 292008

People have been asking me to continue writing the pissing everyone off series, I am gonna continue that in a few days, but just wanted to put the outline for what is coming next.

part 5: islamism and radical islamism

part 6: Israel

part 7: Lebanon

part 8: Palestenian territories

part 9: USA

part 10: UK

part 11: Iran

part 12: Saudia Arabia

part 13: Syria

part 14: Solution one

part 15: Solution two

part 16: Solution three

part 17: My Solution

that is roughly the outline, it might change a bit but not by much.

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Dec 292008

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi.

True, but it does not stop there they continue to fight while killing each others and their own people not realising what the heck they are doing.

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Dec 192008

Theists often wonder why on earth atheists help others, give charity to the poor or volunteer their time to help the less fortunate; they have no god, they have no requirements what’s so ever to do do it, and since they do not believe in heaven and god then why bother at all?

The answer is easy, its because atheists know there is no heaven and there is no god to help the unfortunate that we need to help them instead of sitting in a corner, pray for god to feed the poor and shelter the homeless just before asking for our new dream car or new job…

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Dec 162008

**the usual disclaimers**

IV)Zionism : Between Zion and Liberalism

Zionism is dying. The power of Zionism relied on the constant influx of Jews from all over the world, with the will to form their own homeland, around their own sacred sites, away from all the cruel treatment they were getting worldwide. The 5 waves of Aliyahs were all out of need, out of disasters towards Jews: whether its the Polish, the Nazis, the Russians,  or later on the Arabs after the formation of Israel. They all have in common the same feelings, they were angry, afraid, they probably lost everything in the process, and they needed a new place to live. Suddenly they had power, and humans are humans when they get mistreated they mistreat other, they wanted their own place whether they take it by force or other means. They were promised that land, by their god, and by Balfour. The “arabs” only made them stick with each other, to gain power, and they built one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Unlike Christianity and Islam, Jews do not try to convert people to Judaism.  People want to be around people with the same values, same background, same culture.Since the 90s, Jews are coming to Israel for that reason, other than the USA their presence is negligible in the world. The new wave of Jews do not share the same reasons as the people who were before them. They were coming for mainly social reasons, not running away for their lives.They were coming to meet other Jews, to marry other Jews (much bigger choice from their own communities, and Inter-Marriage is a no no since its the death sentence for Judaism since it does not spread usually in another way).Israel became the place to be for Jews, the place where they can meet friends and future partners not a sanctuary from anti-Semitism.Those Jews are Liberal, they have not seen violence ,  they do not have the need to be agressive, they are pacifist and they do not like how the Israeli government work.They are against the settelments, they are with the peace innitiatives, they live generally in Tel-Aviv away from the disputed zones, they are generally young and uncorrupt and they affect other young Jews that are born there, which is seen by the rise in youth refusing to serve in the army, them voting to the left more and more, having more arab friends , and they are the next generation that will take control of israel in a decade or two, striking fear in the extreme right, and hardcore zionist which are trying to do anything to keep zionism alive, by mixing anti-zionism with anti-semitism, making life for palestenians hard , which only results in more fighting , more fear, more hate  and more fundamental Islamism rising which will be explained in part 5.

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Dec 112008

*Same Disclaimers as part 1 and 2*

III)The Failures of Pan-Arabism

Pan-Arabism is dead, no matter what people say. Some people are still clinging to it, calling the Arabs to rise up, calling the Arabs to wake up, but there are no arabs, never was, never will.There are consumers, sitting on their asses collecting the money from the petrol eating, buying cars, and have goats beauty pageants. On the other hands, you got the extremely poor, uneducated, isolated from the world “Arabs” that have no clue other than their local sheikh, priest and gossips while trying to survive amid their corrupt, often criminal leaders.”Arabs” never cared about each other, while would they? they are not the same people, they have nothing in common, they were just forced to be “Arabs” by their leaders.

Pan-Arabism was bound to die the minute it was born, when you have extreme differences between countries, you can never  have a common cause. When you have countries that consider some other country as a friend and a partner, while others regard it as enemy or aiding an enemy (hint: USA), you can never have a common cause.When you have leaders ready to be bribed by riches while leaving their fellow citizens dying, you can never have a common cause.

After the war of 1967, the failure of Arabism was obvious and it was just a matter of time before it dies completely in the 70s, with the Jordanians not joining the war with Syria and Egypt, and Then the Peace agreement between Israel and Egypt.

Then the gap kept widening, the need of a new -ism was obvious, Pan-Islamism was getting stronger…

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Dec 092008

Everyday I get several hits from Saudi Arabia, 2 from friends, 1 from a guy hanging around an irc channel and the rest, are Saudis coming from Google with the terms: Lebanon/Lebanese, Girls, fucking. So I would like to mention, this isn’t a dating site, nor a pornsite. And if you like fucking so much, why don’t you change your country medieval laws?

Thank you and go away.

Dec 082008

So it seems that we are on our way to have one extra guiness record in the name of Lebanon, the world’s heaviest potato at 11.3 Kg , 3 times the current record holder 3.5 kg. The farmer Khalil Semhat insisted that he did not use any chemicals or fertilizers to achieve it. I am sorry to tell you this Mr. Khalil, YOU might have not used any chemicals but remember where you are? the south of Lebanon. Remember the depleted uranium and phosphoric bombs spread all over the south by israelies during 30 years? Remember the tons of toxic waste burried by our dear militia men from all fractions during the civil war?. Yep, you may not have put chemicals yourself, but someone did …

Anyway, something good came out of all of it, thank you Israel, thank you Militias.

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Dec 072008

you know when you are trying to get over someone, but for some reason her name begins to pop up everywhere instead.For fuck sakes, now even random tv characters have that name, keep seeing it on magazines for people I never seen before.


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Dec 012008

**Same Disclaimers as Part 1**

II)Societies of Pain, Hate and Fear

How do you make two entities fight forever while you look innocent? Ensure that the two entities you pick have been subjected to misery, pain, humiliation, genocide, famines and discrimination. Promise both Entities the same thing, and let their rage take control of them, killing each other while fueling one side or the other.

The Levant people have been in misery, discrimination, in the ottoman empire for centuries. They have endured famine, they have endured systematic murders by their ruthless rulers, they have been living in fear for so long. They thought that they are getting their freedom when the europeans came in, people were promised autonomy self governance, promises were made to several people with different views for the same area.Some wanted one big Arabia under 1 rule, Some wanted Lebanon and Syria to be as one (syria still thinks lebanon is part of it), Some wanted Lebanon independent.

The Jews in Europe were one of the most mistreated entities since a long time, discremenation, exile, called filthy, beaten, hated, and went through the most horrific genocides. No wonder that Zionism came from there. The need for the Jews to have their own country, is as logical and as deserved as it can be. they were promised the same land that several other promises and dreams were based upon.

So what other than eternal war is expected when you put several frustrated people with different views, different goals and different idologies in the same 80×450 area. The sad funny part, that those same people would live in amazing harmony in one country; they are amazingly adaptive people, either because they have been ruled for ever or they have moving from country to country since ever. Most of them are highly educated, cunning, know how the world work, family oriented, religious but not fundamentalist (not then anyway), sophisticated, know several languages, been in contact with lots of different cultures since the beginning of time, they can’t be classified as eastern, nor western, nor what ever. the perfect allies, but due to those circumstance , illogical enemies.

**end of part 2**

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