Jun 292009

I never ever understood some men who would only marry a virgin specially if they have been fucking around for a long time(if they are both virgins, then its fine its just their convictions then), I mean if they considering getting de-flowered (yeah stupid term) evil , bad, dirty, or what ever, then why would they want to do that themselves? it means that they are total sadistic assholes wanting to be the only person doing the “ruining”…


Jun 102009

Is the white font on black background bothering people?

do I revert back to black on white instead?

update: Back to the default theme for a while, until I find another suitable theme…

update 2: like ?

Jun 082009

For every retard who has been following the same path for the last few decades, following the same people, being blind to every thing happening around them.

For every retard that accepts things as they are, vote for the same people again and again.

For every retard who knows only how to follow, follow a color, follow a retarded criminal leader.

For every retard that ruined Lebanon and made it unbareable to live there.

For every retard who is happy with the way its going in Lebanon and think that there is nothing wrong in this country, and every person who doesn’t like the way it is just weird or worse.

For you dear retards, watch this movie… hopefully it will snatch you out of your retardation…


Jun 062009

One of my good friends works in an IT company in charge of several employees and today he pasted something for me because he was so frustrated by a reply he got.

The following is his irc chat log and I changed his nickname, and the address details and country but leaving the important thing…

15:55 < Frustrated> oy
15:56 < Frustrated> I sent our a form to be filled out by employees, here’s how
it goes:
15:56 < Frustrated> 1. Street: Pleasance Street
15:56 < Frustrated> 2. POBOX: 48292012
15:56 < Frustrated> 3. Zip Code: 490239032
15:56 < Frustrated> 4. City: New York
15:57 < Frustrated> 4. State: Married
15:57 < Frustrated> 5. Country: United States
15:57 < Frustrated> —
15:57 < Frustrated> logical ey?
15:57 < Frustrated> State _Married_
15:57 < Frustrated> ffs

Some people are complete retards…