Jul 292009

A friend of mine who will remain anonymous (no need for her to get fired) was telling me how her boss asked her to learn a programming language, a web framework so she can be able to do web programming which implicitly require her to learn databases design and query language. No problem here if she is a computer scientist, but  she is a graphic designer. His reasoning  is that  its very easy, and they should learn everything.

Great, programmers go to university for 4 years learning logic, programming software engineering; endless sleepless nights and skiped parties and people think that our job can be learned in a matter of a few hours. No wonder no body understands; when they require a web programming and they get an estimate of several thousands dollars they get shocked ,and think a web application costs like $50 at best (including design and hosting).

Some people need electric poles up their asses…

Jul 262009

Getting babies: 5 years of shit, and 5 extra years of crying, then 10 years of rebelion and finally they leave…

Jul 262009

Palm trees, palm trees, palm trees; Beirut is full of new palm trees. Tall, ugly poles with a bit of “green” on top, nothing says saudization more than a palm tree…

Everywhere you go in Beirut, you see signs of saudizations just to make our dear Saudis feel right at home. From Rawda cafe banning alcohol (kicking out decades old tradition of artists and leftists gathering there), to the constant increase of saudi-catering-hotels (and by catering I mean, the extra services of bringing prostitutes to our dear tourists).

Do you know the kind of reputation Lebanon has in the Gulf? It’s a place where prostitution is everywhere, where all women can be bought.Saudis come here to fuck and drink! that’s about it! Do they go to Baalbeck? no! do they go to Anjar? no! do they go to see Jeita Grotto?? no!!! They come to spend money in nightclubs, supernight clubs and to fuck women!!!!

Our great tourism reduced to alcohol and prostitution!  Lebanon the jewel of the middle east, the Paris of the east is no more than a fuck-hole for those fat saudis who haven’t worked a single day in their lives, and just happen to be born wealthy, come here to fuck!!!

Lebanon who used to be known as the country of services and tourism, is no longer that! Dubai stole the business away while our dear warlords are fighting between each others! Bahrain stole our F1 circuit while our dear warlords fighting on how to divide the profit, and our greenerie is being torn apart to make way for more nightlife related stuff, which the only sector that is booming and still functionning because its the only sector where saudis spend their money on.No proper communication services, no proper electricity, no proper traffic laws, quality of services is damn low, shopping for anything is damn expensive, electronics are double the price than anywhere else, variety is gone, and my dear dear gymmayzeh became a new monot instead of what used to be a cool, bohemian street…

Just go look at the coast: buildings, buildings, buildings everywhere! Look at the front of the mountains, 5 years ago they were green! now its full of hotels !!!! Wake up damn it!  the money only goes to a tiny portion of the Lebanese society, pubs/nightclubs/hotels owners! Not even car rental companies get money out of them since they get their monsters of SUVS and million dollars cars with them.

We are destroying our culture just to provide for those retards and make them feel at home! NEWS FLASH: Traveling is to see new cultures!


Jul 172009

So yesterday at like 2 am sleepless sitting in bed, decided to turn on the TV.While I was flipping between channels I landed on the E! channel which had a show about celebrities in swimsuit. What can I say… I just love bikinis :P.

I continued watching, and to please the female audience they had to show some males in swimsuits, so one of them was Jake Gyllenhaal and as an introduction they listed a few things he did and one of them “spooning with Heath Ledger”, which was translated in the Arabic subtitles as “tanawala el ta3am ma3a Heath Ledger” (he had food with Heath Ledger)…

yep… retardation at its best…

Jul 122009

Got 3 very old computers (1 complete, 2 no)

one I know is a PIII 550, the forgot what the other two are and too lazy to put them together to check what the heck they are.

Do you know anyone that takes old computers in Beirut and can do something useful with them?

Jul 052009

So I am in Lebanon, came earlier than usual just to attend one of my closest friend’s weddings, and I did not regret it at all.

It’s the best wedding I attended, Spanish theme, Spanish music, and fun fun couple. For once I loved going to a wedding, it was different, refreshing, extremely well designed and nontraditional.

Weddings in Lebanon lately were all about who can spend the most money, and who can have a bigger version of the same traditional style: dabke, same music, same make up, similar dresses, similar flowers arrangement, similar traditions…BORING!!!!

Weddings are a thing if done right, only done once 😉 so why on earth would you want something different than your personality? why would you want to do the same things that everybody else has done?

Kudos to Racha and Karim, hope they have a long happy life together :). Alf Mabrook !!!!