Oct 282010

A year ago, I learned one of my biggest lessons and since then I changed a lot.Part because of bitterness, part because of anger, part because of sadness, but at the end it’s for the best.
Here is my lesson to you in a very crude analogy: Nice guys are like soft toilet paper, they are nice to touch, smooth on the sensitive areas, a good companion when you are getting rid of shit, but at the end they are like soft toilet paper, once they take and clean the shit away, they are thrown away.
Nice guys beware…

Oct 232010

**The Usual Disclaimers**

**Extra Disclaimer: This is targetted towards the Israeli government and the IDF, it cannot describe the israeli people since they range from people who think israel should never existed in the first place to some that think israel should get tne entire historic land of Canaan which includes the current Israel, Palestenian territories, Lebanon, part of Syria and Jordan, and nothern Egypt.**


In one statement: Israel is the most anti-semite country on this earth, and like all middle eastern countries , damn racist, violent, discriminate except if you are from the elite group (In this case :Ashkenazi Jews).

As you noticed in the previous posts, I referred to the jews and not israel, because for me they are two different entities; Israel with its media tries to make it seems like one, but please do not be fooled.

When non-jews (gentiles) criticise Israel, they are anti-semite and when jews criticise Israel , they are self hating jews. I iterate my notion of Israel being the most anti-semite country on earth because simple anyone living in the middle east is a Semite, it does not just mean jew.

The israeli government is using jews to accomplish what ever it wants.

1-Make wars, kill, rape, steal

2-If you try to get back to it, peacefully or violently, you are labeled terrorist, anti-semite, self hating jew etc.

3-By assosiating israel with jews on a people’s level, you create hostility for jews abroad. (just like what happened to muslim after 9/11)

4- Israel welcomes those new jews running away from hostilities, and puts them into “their land” (read west bank settlements), sooner or later one of them gets killed.

5-Revenge time!

6-Cycle Repeats itself.

Now more and more born Israelis are seeing what the government is doing , now you see Israelis protesting along Palestinians , fighting in media, criticising their government and what not, they are multiplying bit by bit which causes concern for their government, thus creating more wars, more violence, more fear, to try to restart the cycle.

Not sure for how long this can work for them…

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Oct 152010

There are 4 types of phd student wannabes

1-The Academic: This the only phd student wannabe that actually wants to have a phd for realistic reasons, for a purpose. Usually a well balanced , hard working person, with a bit of eccentricity . Alot of times they are returning students, coming back to do a phd after some years at work.

2-The Immature: That one just doesn’t want to face the real world, so chooses to stay in Academia just to delay the inevitable.

3-The Delusional: The one that thinks that having a phd degree will open the road for better positions and better salaries, not realising that a phd will over qualify him them for most work and if they get hired they will ge the minimal salary that they would have gotten if they got a BS degree.

4-The dreamer: the person who would save the world with a phd.

Type 1 is the rarest…

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Oct 142010

Apparently God is the one who saved the Chilian workers, not the tons of engineers who worked endless hours on finding ways to drill, not the engineers who invented the drills in the first place, not the workers who worked days and night drilling, not the people who helped getting them food and medicine, not their families who helped them stay sane , not the media who helped shed light on their ordeal and resulted in help from all over the world. Nope its apparently God, why the heck didn’t he bother to stop that damn mine from collapsing, causing them permanent damage to their bodies from inhaling that stuff for 3 months and causing permanent mental damage (post tramatic stress etc.)… oh yeah forgot…. he did it to test their faith.

Damn religions, cheapens human achievements…