Dec 312010

1-6 pack (the elusive one :P) [I have a 3 pack now][I am fitter than ever]
2-Get my motorcycle 6R license in April [done, moving to 6A]
3-Visit Edinburgh in August/September [got the money]
4-Start a restoration project (pending on landlord)[not possible]
5-get 3 new certifications. [studying for the first]
6-Finish my profile website [started design][meh…didn’t start really]
7-Throw away all my clothes and buy proper ones.[started] [got alot of nice clothes]
8-Start snowboarding again.[not this year]
9-Get my full car license. [done]
10-Get a car. [not sure about that now]
11-Lose 9 more kilos. [4 more to go]
12-Start Wine Classes [in june]
13-Start Guitar Classes [searching for a teacher]
14-Continue photography classes
15-To Be Continued…

updated on 24/01/11
updated on 29/03/11

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Dec 262010

This woman was my friend like a couple of hours ago (until I got deleted of course)
Lots of talk was in Lebanese will translate between brackets and explanations between parantheses.

12:48 PM
Woman: sawatelli ? 🙂 [did you vote for me?]( She is in a photography competition and she sent a mass email to everyone to vote for her 7 pictures)
12:51 PM
me: yep (I voted for one, “liked” on facebook)
12:53 PM
Woman: sa3youkom mashkour 🙂 [roughly: thanks]

me: hahahahahaa (the reason I laughed , its because this is usually said in a religious context, and I am atheist)

Woman: bass hinni 7 :p [but they are 7 :P]

me: that’s the one I liked
12:55 PM
Woman: hmmm.. (obviously she didn’t like it…how dare I!!!!)

ok bass el judges bye7esbo the number of likes

[but the judges add the number of likes](basically they add all the likes by all pictures which is really unfair because not everyone submitted the same number of photos)
12:56 PM
me: you want to deserve to win? or you want to win because you have the most friends? (fair? )

I liked this one.

didnt like the others

Woman: easy with the maw3iza..jeez [easy with the preach…jeez]
12:57 PM
me: sorry you pushed it 🙂

Woman: thx anyway


sorry, didnt know your limits hal add tight [sorry, didn’t know your limits are that tight] (notice the mixing between english and lebanese)

me: I give what’s fair.
12:58 PM
not gonna vote for something I didnt like.

Woman: anyway you can unlike what you like, that’s to show you that manni hal add m3al2a

3al sot
[anyway you can unlike what you like , that’s to show you that I am not that caring about the vote ] (that was a rough translation)
me: oh for fuck sakes…

Woman: na3am?
12:59 PM
khalli la nafsak heik haki

anyway , ma3 el salemeh

[yes?(what?) keep those words to yourself, anyway go with safety (sorry I am not a translator, but basically this is a go away ]
me: bye [name]

Woman: have a nicelike



me: wow

shi7adeh wo mashartah [a begger with condition] ( its a lebanese expression that means basically: someone that begs for something but when with conditions or special request) (basically she didn’t like that I only voted for 1 of her pics, but she wanted me to vote for her 7 pics even that I didn’t like the rest)

woman: fashart (dunno how to translate this, but some typical lebanese words that shows dismay so is the rest of the conversation)

bi ra2ebtak

me: bye [name]

Woman: na2esni

me: bye [name]
1:00 PM
Woman: la bye wala man ya7zanoun

me: …

Woman: yeah have the last word

And people wonder why I hate Lebanese…
One less stupid person around me 🙂

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Dec 032010

Dear Ladies
If you want/need something from us say it. Hints never ever ever ever work!
We are not women :).
Thank you.