Apr 212011

Corner St-Laurent and MarieAnne in Montreal.
True Lebanese grills, you would not regret eating there.Highly recommended and tastes like Lebanese food for real, unlike those other “lebanese” chains.
They actually grill the meat on bois franc coal which gives it the good taste unlike the others that threw it on a heat metal sheet.
The garlic sauce is actual garlic sauce, not the diluted one that others use.
The meat is really high quality, the bread is actual Lebanese not those mini pitas, and the vegetables, pickles and what not are exactly what we put in Lebanon with different grills.
Oh and the guys who work there are nice people :).
So again if you are hungry go there 🙂

Apr 132011

First thing:
Media is really bad
•TV: Boring, Expensive, Repetitive, ads again and again and again
•Internet: Expensive, Limited bandwith compared to Europe (let’s not compare it to Lebanon the officially worse country in the world)
•Radio: GAHHHH!
•Mobile: EXPENSIVE!!!!! and CRAP!!!!, things they charge you for in here come for free worldwide! imagine they charge you for receiving phone calls! minutes are deducted!!! on top of that while for example UK offer 2000 minutes per month packages , in here they offer 200 mins packages for the same prices, and receiving international calls or messages is a disaster (I almost never ever receive international text and people think I am ignoring them).

Second Thing:
Some companies follow the american way of paying but without the perks of the american way. They do not pay for overtime, on call or what ever that is. Also we have 10 business days of vacation per year and 5 sick days! Compared for example to scotland where you could have 25 days. So basically people tend not to take any off days ever and they try to group them together for a nice vacation, so people when fucking sick come to work anyway and all they do is cough and sneeze and they fucking infect everybody else like it happened to me :). I am home and sick and just spent my last sick of the year because of that stupid system.
Thank you very much…

Apr 122011

The last 2 vacations I had were not really vacations.
The first one when my parents came here, and they see how I was living, 10 to 10 at work barely enough time to buy furniture, so they helped me with that . Forever Thankful, but didn’t get to do any resting.
The second one when I went to Lebanon during December, and when someone goes home it’s not really a vacation either, it was nice , but didn’t refuel enough.
I need to go somewhere nice, somewhere relaxing, not sure where though.
Maybe when I get probational motorcycle license , I will go somewhere nice around Canada.
Any suggestions?

Apr 062011


Dear idiotic Lebanese

A portion of the Lebanese society has been demonstrating to abolish that stupid sectarian regime for some weeks now, that regime that has made Lebanon one of the most corrupt countries on this earth, a country where the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, and instead of supporting this movement you get scared from it? you defend your religion?
shoo jeib teez la mar7aba??
Secular does not mean Atheist! In a secular country you can still worship what ever god you wish to worship. It only means that state and religion are separated! no sheikh, no priest no what ever long bearded guy will tell the government what to do, and that’s the only way that this hole gonna stand up.
The funny/sad thing, I am writing this for nothing; the people who are gonna read this already agree with this…

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