May 282011

Edit : Read this again today (wrote it at night yesterday), it seems as if I am calling myself nice/sweet/etc , what I meant what usually women say about me.

So been training and losing weight for quite a while now, and I reached a stage where I look pretty fit.It feels great, my knee stopped hurting , I can wear straight jeans instead of loose ones, and when a t-shirt comes out of the dryer a bit snug, it doesn’t look bad anymore.
It’s all good and all, but the reactions I am getting is what it feels weird. I am used to be the nice/sweet guy , the dependable guy , the guy that would be a good husband and father (been told LOTS of time that by several female friends) but now it seems I seem attractive to the opposite sex and that something I am really not used to be. When a lady is pretty nice to me, and flirty , I feel weird and in my mind I am like why is she so nice? what does she really want? maybe she is drunk or something …
Most guys would probably want to kick my butt now, but you must realise I always been that shy geeky nice(read:wimpy) guy and I am really not used to the attention.
I know I am different: I am more confident, a bit more extrovert, much more comfortable with my own skin, have a big drive again, and depression free . I should get used to it I guess.
Yeah today a lady called me hot…

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May 272011

Don’t you just love when “friends” that you haven’t spoken to in like 2 years, suddenly say hi because they need a favor from you?
Specially if it’s to get jeans that are not available where they are living now?

May 252011

Regarding the job it’s a no, they went with a more experienced candidate.
But they told me that they really liked me and the way I interviewed and they asked if they can call me again in a month or so , because another position might open and they are still interested in me.
Will see.
I am still working on my side project and I am learning a lot, so all good :).

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May 252011

At what age people usually start appreciating what their parents did for them. For sure for most not teenage years, when most of them see their parents like annoying people.
I have awesome parents and an awesome brother. Love them dearly.

May 202011

started the design and programming of my website , the url will be , for those who know it :).
There is nothing there yet.


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