May 192011

So medical systems company called me again, still no final decision. They will inform me next week probably.

I have been networking, learning , bought lots of books and even checked out a place where you can rent a place in a coworking company thing… if the medical systems thing failed, I am going forward with my own project.

I got my package (ticket/rfid/armband) for Metallica and Satriani :). Considering going to HeavyMTL this year too (Kiss, Motorhead, Anthrax, Disturbed…)

And it’s 23 degrees outside :P.

May 132011

Today the medical systems company called me to update me on the situation, I am not out of the game yet.
They are still going through other candidates, and will reply to me in a week or so.
That’s neither good nor bad, actually better than I expected, it means I am still in kinda, if they don’t find someone better I might still have a chance.
I hope I impressed them with my theory and my how my brain organises stuff , also how I come up with solutions pretty quickly with eye to what might change in the future. I know that I am REALLY good at that.
I know my programming skills are not that high , so will see.

In the mean time I am happily learning more about web programming and designing so all good :).
Leaving that other company was really the best thing I did in 2011, I know for a fact that two people are leaving as soon as they find something else, 2 others are thinking about it, and another one if his legal situation changes will do it pretty quickly. In the time I was there from feb 2010 till end of aril 2011, out of (max) 55 people , 29 people got fired or resigned (some got replaced some not), it was a really stressful place to be. Most people doing the job of 2 or 3 people, but with less pay than anywhere else. Not a good place, and I predict it will crumble within 2 years unless some really drastic change happens. They were trying to change, but a bit too late… they need to completely overhaul and rebrand themselves for it to work, their reputation is really tainted all over the net.

In other news, I really miss that certain girl. not sure what to do about that, I emailed her some weeks ago, she never answered, maybe she changed her email address, or maybe she just ignored it. who knows. From now on, she will be referred to as Ms. Chick because that was her nickname in arabic, sort off.

May 122011

During the 2006 war , tons of lebanese fled the violence and went to syria for shelter and they got welcomed with open arms, and now when syrians need to flee their country because of violence committed to them by their government [shelling with thanks residential areas] what does Lebanon do??? refuse them entry!!!
WTF is that??? you are accessory to MURDER!!!!

Update: seems they are allowed in, either it was a rumor or they were not allowed for a while. Not sure, but it was in several articles.Meh I should reading Lebanon news, each invent lies to slander what ever side… Bleh.

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May 102011

Remember guys when last year all you were seeing are ads and articles everywhere on how Beirut is awesome, nightlife is amazing, and lots of Lebanese starting boasting about it while their country is falling apart left and right?
“oooh beirut is amazing”, “ooo it’s one of the cities recommended to visit in 2010”, “ooo it’s a wild place”
Well guys, Beirut is no where to be seen on a list in 2011, the last fake facade is gone.
Instead all we see now are articles about how much debt we have, how businesses are closing in Lebanon, how bad the politics are, how corrupt politicians are, how we have the worse internet on the planet, how people are immigrating away, etc…
The only good movement that I see in there is the anti sectarian movement, but still a very small minority, some idiots think it’s anti religion, and other fuckers think it will destroy their well established power and corruption so they will not be able to go party at night…boohoo…le snif.
May Lebanon Rest In Peace…

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May 092011

Usually technical interviews is all about giving a certain assignment, a time limit, then afterwards explaining what you did to someone.
Not this time, I had to code live in front of three people (all seniors and up), on a big screen and explain as I go.
I am not used to do this at all, I got nervous and I even forgot the most basic stuff.
Chance of success… LOW.

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May 082011

Well since I came to Montreal I kinda been detached from what was happening in Lebanon and the middle east, a big part because of my previous job was draining every waking hour of time for it, and maybe people have noticed that this blog has much less Lebanon related posts and instead they are more like personal ones.
So maybe I should change the url and the title of this blog to something else. Oh btw, some people ask me about why I “hate myself”, guys/gals please read the “about the blog” page up, I explained it. I do not hate myself, it’s just an expression kinda :).

Anyway, I am looking forward to actually find another job, really hoping I would get the medical systems one, and the minute I get the job I am calling my motorcycle school so I can resume the classes that I had to cut to reserve money aside. I am still up to my goal to travel the world on a motorcycle for a while, might be boring alone, so hoping that in 5 years I would meet a partner for that. Preferably a hot, cute, smart, funny girl 😛 . I don’t know a lot of people who ride motorcycles and from all the people I ever met there was only one girl who used to ride motorcycles, so finding a female partner for that might be hard. Oh well :), I got 5 years :).So my interview is on monday, wish me luck.

In other news, I have been tired and sick for like a while now, but starting to recover slowly, that previous job really drained me. Lesson learned for my next job, I will only do my job and that’s it. No extras, the only way I am gonna go big is to open my own business, which I will work on it, and any spare time/ effort will go towards that instead of improving the current company I am working for.

Since I became 30, it hit me how much life is short, and really losing a year on something you don’t want to be doing is losing a serious percentage of your life, and it’s one of the reason it affected me to quit that damn job, there is more to life than being behind the computer coding and building a product to a company that doesn’t really care about its users and employees. On the plus side, I know that aiming to get what ever I want is worth it even if it takes ages, at the end the process of getting it is as important as getting it.

I am not sure if because I have been writing about a certain girl in here or because she never really left my thoughts , I have been having recurrent dreams about her and they all good, I miss her. She has been an important part of what I am today, she has been a big part of accepting what I am and be less hard on myself, and also even that we haven’t been talking for close to a year, the anger that I had all resolved and the source was found because of my lack of proper communication, decision, acts , etc. In that period we were both really fucked up in one way or another and it affected everything. hope one day I’ll meet her again and tell her that personally.

I have been using a macmini since August and frankly I am liking it more and more, Linux is great for work but the convenience of mac is superbe, of course there are a few problems like all Operating Systems but as long as I have the terminal all is good, plus the Mac Store is really awesome plenty of cool free apps and I can just browse the database on the fly with proper ratings from other users so all cool :). I miss having multiple computers in my office room, I have now 3, but none of them are powerful. the macmini, an old computer and an old laptop, I need a powerful new machine with multi screens, will see what I get…

I have been drooling over the Ducatis for a while, and I can afford them with their easy installment payment and what not, of course my first bike will be cheap one so I can wreck it with no regrets, but soon my Ducati will come.

Last year I bought a jasmine plant which almost died on me during that crazy heat wave that we had last july, but now it revived nicely , took months of work to do that, it’s a bit bigger but it needs still more work to fill nicely. My apartment smells great because it’s start to bloom again :). Jasmines are my favorite flowers, I grew up with a tree under my grandma’s place and I feel nostalgic when I smell it.

Montreal is smelling nicely too,flowers are blooming everywhere :).

I am going to take a project management course starting this fall, should be good to give up me brownie points to jump up the levels at any job :).

I want to learn a new language, not sure what though. Maybe Elvish :P.

2011 seems a good year, better than 2010 which btw was a pretty good one compared to the previous years. I had some really really tough years from 2006 till 2009. They are behind me :).

I need to take care of my bedroom, I have a bed but with no frame and no side tables , I should make it a bit decent like the rest of the place.

I am in the mood to have a project to build that needs a long time, not sure what yet. I have always had a thing for mechanical things, but I don’t have the skills necessary for that. Courses time? 🙂

I think I babbled enough for now…

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May 052011

It’s with a medical systems company, more or less the same job I was doing before, but with the added benefits that I would be doing some good instead of feeling that I am in a company that doesn’t care about the users.
If it works out, I would be joining indirectly the battle against cancer :). I might have not succeeded to get into bioinformatics and help but this is close enough.
Cancer cells of the world your end is nigh !

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