Jun 272011

A good indication that two people are in love and happy together is the amount of pictures of them together.
Specially social network profile pictures because usually they want to share their happiness/love to the world.

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Jun 252011

What is it about Edinburgh that makes everybody fall in love with it?
I met another Lebanese who studied there , and he can’t wait to go back.
If my plans ever are realised, I am so buying a place there.

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Jun 232011

So let me get this straight, cleavage is okay, side boob is okay , under boob is okay, seeing the whole boob is okay as long as the nipple is hidden? Something that men have too?
Does this make any sense?
Humans are weird…

Jun 212011

So got ask to come to the final interview on Monday the 27th to meet the dev lead and CEO.
Will see what happens. Also still hoping that the medical systems company calls me.

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Jun 202011

A big part of me still wants to do a PHD. I am liking coding again, but those commercial products really are not interesting at all, all I think about are scientific applications.
I can’t do a phd now, I need first to get enough money so I can survive a while, because lets face it phd student stipends barely cover rent if I am living alone and I refuse to play the discover your unknown flatmate game. I had a really bad experience in 2006/2007 and I am scarred for life. As well I like my privacy and the ability to walk around naked in my place :P.
Will see what I do, I need first to let enough time pass because maybe there is a subconscious need to be a phd student in Edinburgh… So I need to eliminate that possibility and decide with proper reason.
As well if phd is on the horizon I would have to sacrifice my motorcycle tour dream or then I would have to do it much later in life.
Will see…

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