Jun 162011

Best place to live on earth that’s why I guess you need to create problems to feel alive from time to time ,eh?
People are rioting for freedom, for equality, for human rights, for democracy all over the world and you riot for a fucking hockey game??
What did those shop owners do to you? what about the vehicle owners? the city council? yeah way to go assholes.
Hope you get castrated/spayed so you don’t pass your stupid genes.

Jun 112011

Got another interview tuesday, I had one last week too.
It’s interesting, I only applied to 3 jobs and I got 3 interviews. When I was in scotland I spread my CV for like 2 years, and I got like 3 interviews.
Hoping for the best :).
Also trying to find a name for my project.

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Jun 102011

Damn you igoogle for not letting me see the les paul google doodle yesterday!!!!, I just knew about it now!!!!

Update: never mind :)! There are timezones after all :). google.com still had 20 mins left of les paul :). Best google doogle yet :).

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Jun 072011

So I was today at a startup/networking events and it seems pretty interesting, Montreal is the place to be for startups. I talked to a couple of VCs about my idea and they both really liked it and they asked me to talk to them when I am ready. Things are starting to look nice. If I can find funding , I would be able to work from home and be my own boss :).

Got a question for you all does a thumb ring have any meaning?

Jun 072011

Last year was a big mess, not only I was working 10 to 10, then go home and work some more, then work on the weekends and in the process fix so many stuff at work and at the end “people” getting promoted out of my work while they squeeze work in between their more “important things” and back stabbing me in the process…
But the most important part, I missed doing my favorite thing to do, WATCHING MOVIES. In Edinburgh I used to watch movies weekly, sometimes twice a week, and last year… I saw 14 movies all in all.
I missed so many movies and trying to catch up, it’s not the same, nothing beats huge screen. But hey not all movies really need a huge screen :).
I should find some movie partner!

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