Jul 302011

So it’s that time of year again, Ramadan, where people try to preach for me, hinting for me , convincing me to follow the “truth” , and what not.
I can’t tell you how annoying it is, how offensive they are to even think about it. I am atheist, and you are trying to convince me with your ways, how about I try to “convert” you to atheism would you like agree with that? no. Anyway no body can convert anyone to atheist, they usually do that on their own.

Anyway, for whomever wants to try to “save” me , I have a dare for you. I want you to read the holy book of 9 other religions, not sects, religions. It will probably take you along time, specially if you try to understand them well. But there is no worry , you already picked your religion and you are 100% convinced right? so there is in no way any harm what’s so ever, right? when you do that…
please tell me what you found out.

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Jul 232011

Will write a big post soon enough. just need to decide about stuff first.
Lots of changes.Lots of news. Lots of digest.

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Jul 202011

Dear Eastern immigrants to Western countries

You come to their land, you criticise their culture, you live in ghettos only dealing with your own people, and in some cases even trying to make your laws work in their governments, wtf is that???

If you want to keep living like you used to live in your old countries, STAY THERE!!!

If you don’t like that your kids will be “westernised” do not come here!!! This is fucking retarded!

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Jul 172011

Was in Quebec city this weekend to see them.
FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! My throat hurts, my whole body hurts! it’s damn awesome!!!!!
I will bask in the glow for some days now :).
In another note, some people should get a Metallica test to be allowed in the concert. Lots of people just went in just because they bought the ticket for the whole festival. Some idiot guy was actually yawning I wanted to kick his ass.
Everytime a mosh pit wanted to start, the idiots stopped it.
Go out non Metal heads!!!

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Jul 112011

I was watching an interview with a cancer patient, how he is struggling to get funding for treatment in the US etc.
It was shared on a certain youtuber ‘s fb page. It’s sad.
Until you start reading the comments, people criticizing the interviewer that she is fat, or the interview is boring, or gay (not sure why).
What the fuck is wrong with people???? this is fucked up. Human beings are disgusting!

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Jul 092011

I used to have a very very long gray hair on my arm, like 6 or 7 inches. I used to call it my lucky hair, until a friend saw it one day and plucked it.
I miss my lucky hair…

Jul 092011

I was in bed at around 5 in the morning, in a state between a dream and awake and I remembered a something that I did a few times as a little child.
In summer we used to go to Syria , Tartous to stay in a chalet (Lebanon used to be still is a war zone), and whenever fishermen start pulling the net to the shore, passing by will start helping.
I used to run and help too, as much as a 10-year-old could anyway, and then I had rope burns for like a couple of days all over my palms, something to be proud of and show to your other friends :). Good times 🙂

Jul 072011

13 to 15 July: International Startup Festival.
I am going to learn from experts on how to create my own startup. That’s it , I am going with it. I took 2 entire courses of entrepreneurship at Edinburgh for this. I should go ahead. I am not the kind that works well under a boss. 🙂

16 to 17 July: Metallica and Satriani in Quebec City.
I think it’s self explanatory. right? right?

Other than that, I need to get some sports equipments, like dumbbells, yoga mat etc.
Because this guy is going to try the P90X program. Already heard from 2 others that it really works. So yep :). (gym is boring)