Jul 052011

Males who hit women, deserve to be castrated, and beaten for the rest of their lives.
I said males on purpose, those are not men, not in a million years.
No matter what you do, getting beaten is not your fault.
Post beating apologies are useless, making you feel as if you made him do it are lies, some “I love you”‘s are manipulative.

PS: This does not include rough sex, or bdsm or anything like that. 😛

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Jul 052011

It’s good that I didn’t buy any heavymtl(heavy montreal) tickets this year, just knew there is heavyto (heavy toronto)!!!!
And they got Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Anthrax, Slayer, MotorHhead!!! that’s it who needs heavymtl!!!!

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Jul 012011

So had my last interview with that last company yesterday, seems positive. They’ll get me an answer next week.
I need to start making income within a month or I won’t be going to Edinburgh anymore since I would be spending the money reserved for it.
No matter I would not be going to Edinburgh in september, I need to have the 3 months probation done before I go to Edinburgh, unless I can make a deal with them.
Will see.

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