Aug 282011

I really hate people who try to guilt trip you into doing something. Even that they got several warnings that it might not go as planned long before hand, and even advised them do something about it, but they refused. And suddenly drama…
It’s just plain BullShit!!!!

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Aug 102011

So what do leaders fear most? Not being elected. Well, with our sectarian regime, this will never happen. A shia will vote for shia, a sunni will vote for a sunni etc.
And since a regime change seems out of the question even with a few thousand people want to remove it, most Lebanese people seems identify themselves mostly by their sect.

So what is the solution? forget prison, forget fines, forget typical punishment, there is a more evil way. Dependent on the crime/incident, your right to vote would be removed for a certain time.
Do you know what it means? Leader cannot incite hatred, because a few hundreds followers go ballistic and they start fighting against other fractions. Once caught, their voting right would removed permanently for example, those leaders would have lost a few hundreds potential votes. In a country like Lebanon where the total population is “said” to be 4 million, a few hundred matters big time!
Yeah I know there is cheating and what not, but it makes things harder. Specially in mixed areas like Beirut.

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