Dec 302011

The secret to surviving Lebanon is doing what the young people do: Escape.

They go out at night, get drunk, get high, dance, and it kinda seems as if daily fucked up life is not their real world.
The way some people live is so detached from reality that is shocking.
I guess it is the only defence mechanism they got left in this fucked up country.

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Dec 292011

I am thinking of going to download festival in june to see Metallica. 🙂
I wanted to go to Download Festival when I was still in Edinburgh, but not affordable to me then.
So go there and then Edinburgh? I wonder…

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Dec 192011

I need to learn some kind of craft. Not sure yet what but I have some potentials:

-Wood work
-Leather work
-Metal work

It’s been missing out of life for years. Will get to it after I come back from Lebanon.

Will add what I have decided in the 2012 to do list. coming soon.

Dec 122011

[name changed to protect the innocent]


[me]: nice !too bad I dont have anything in my bedroom that is connected,I would have put this to sleep

[Swagger]: I am pretending I work on the Enterprise

[me]: lol

[Swagger]: my job just got loads cooler

[me]: hahaha

[Swagger]: I can make it rain in my office with rainymood and I can be in space with this link

[me]: what’s your shirt color?

[Swagger]: blue, no worries

[me]: you’re safe!

Dec 072011

If you know me, then you know that I am a huge fan of the assassin’s creed series of games/movies/extras_material etc…
I was just thinking the other day that we actually have a group of people that assassinate people, head of governments, corrupt people, fights for the people and tries to protect them. They do not really kill, but they assassinate politically and they actually have a “creed”. I don’t know who they are because generally they prefer staying Anonymous.

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Dec 062011

They say that in like 10 years, Scientists will find a way to extend the human lifespan for up to 150 years. So me as a 30 year old, I could potentially have 120 more years to live (If I don’t die in a motorcycle accident). Same for most people.
So in those 120 years, Scientists might as well discover a way to extend the life for another 500 years. Then in those 500 years , they might discover a way to live millennia, and then maybe even become immortals.

So my question is, lets say that this becomes a reality, what do religious people do? The whole point of religion is to give believers a set of rules to abide by that stamps them as “good” to be able to book a seat in the supposed heaven.(help the poor to go to heaven is not really being good right?) So what would they do? they are immortals, they can’t kill themselves to go to heaven because it’s a sin. So basically they are stuck or they can go to the supposed hell.

Any ideas?