Feb 162012

I love G+ hangouts, meeting new people daily and having fun.

Something funny happened yesterday though.
G+ has the ability to notify you that your mic is muted and start talking before unmuting it. Which happens a lot than people think.
So yesterday I hidden my cam, and muted my mic to browse for a new laptop. and Suddenly I farted really loud. G+ app immediately asked me to unmute my mic. It cracked me up, I bet the neighbours heard me laughing…

Feb 072012

Dear Ladies…

If a guy friend of yours commented that a girl is beautiful/hot , that does NOT mean that you have to play the match making role.
Second time it happens to me.
me: oh your friend is hot.
2 days later,her: oh I told her you have a crush on her.

GAHHHH what the heck??? and now what? you just killed any possibility.

Scenario 1
me: hi
cute girl: hi
me: don’t believe her, I don’t have a crush on you.
cg: oh okay.
me; bye
cg: bye

Scenario 2
me: hi
cute girl: hi
me: yep, I am that guy…
cg: oh , you send a girl to tell another girl that you have a crush on her.
me: umm ummm
cg: not very manly…
me: bye
cg: bye

from now on, I am not sharing anything with you ladies! friends or strangers!!!
these lips are sealed!!!

PS: I am a creating a whole new category called: facepalm

Feb 032012

Geeks can’t flirt.FACT.

Why? Geeks love to trade information (most end up in computer science for a reason duh!), information is the enemy of flirting. Flirting is all about teasing, giving just enough information to make the other think, be teased, and basically keep them stimulated on what you are going to do or say next.

Solution? Twitter. yep you heard me. Twitter! 140 characters limits how much you can give information so you can’t make yourself boring.By limiting the amount of info you give, you are flirting without even knowing :).
Once you learn what the heck you’re doing ,real life flirting becomes easier.

good luck 🙂