Apr 242012

Friend:  Wissam if Lebanon were a perfume, how would it smell like?

me:  a pile of shit with a flower in the middle of it you might get a hint of the flower smell or know it’s there but masked by tons of shit and you hope that someday people will stop putting more shit instead let the flowers use the shit as fertilizer and let it grow

Friend:  sprinkled with coriander 😛

me:  that looks like kafta now

Friend:  You disgusting little asshole you ruined my creative project design hahah

me: lol

Apr 022012

One of the things about being an INTJ is being able to detect very small pattern changes in anything. We can detect if someone is upset just by the type of words they use, or typos, or anything like similar without the other person telling us.

The problem with INTJ is that we are kinda insensitive and sometimes we blurt out things that are offending and hurtful to others without even knowing that we do that.

So every time I see someone upset while they are talking to me, I keep wondering in my mind if I did something wrong  or I offended them in any way. It ‘s worse when the person is a woman, because all I get is the “I am fine”, which it makes it harder.

I need a crash course in human interaction…