May 282008

The people who know me know that I am highly allergic for two things, some strong smells(like lots of perfume) and stupidity. Well not allergic for the former because it only makes me sneeze a lot.

Yesterday I had a severe allergic reaction to one of the most stupid conversation that I ever had with anyone and that includes sectarians, racist and all sort of stupid people that I met in my life.

So I was talking to a “friend” on msn (who is now blocked, deleted and out of my life, since I cannot tolerate such amount of stupidity), she was complaining about her PC which is crashing all the time so she had to use her father’s computer, so I told her to buy a Mac, she said they are rubbish(first stupidity :P), after I explained why Macs are better. (which now I highly doubt that anything got through her mind), she asked me if I have a Mac, I answered that I don’t unfortunately because I can’t afford one, and the current laptop that I am using was bought for cheap.

So now comes the second stupidity that I ever heard, sell the laptop and get with the money a mac, I thought she was joking at first.I asked her if she is joking, she denied it.She was really serious, she wanted me to sell the laptop to get a mac. It wasn’t the first time we had a conversation that goes no where, (which now I was wondering why I kept her on my MSN list in the first place).I tried to explain that I cannot buy a mac with the money sold of a used computer which I bought cheaply in the first place because I did not afford a mac.So what was her answer? sell your laptop for profit!.

Sell you laptop for profit!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes on what I was reading, sell my used laptop for profit, yeah I am repeating it again. not only that sell my computer for profit, enough profit that I could get a mac!!!!! And what her reason behind this logic? that’s how business works.After all she saw it on TV, people sell old stuff for lots of money, and what are those stuff they sell? Antiques she answered.

When I told her, that if I sell my used computer for more money than I bought it new, I would be a thief selling to an idiot.She said that’s only an opinion.That’s business.

At the point, I said goodbye, I blocked her, deleted her and out of my life…

Please comment, on this, don’t hold back. I am really interested to see your opinions about this :P.

PS: sorry for the excessive typos, my allergic reaction is still here.

PS2: Forgot also that she even suggested that I could sell it to a friend…

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  1. uhmm.. see this is when you need to reach into your portable vaseline bucket and dip your hands and feet real hard and then blow that person away with your famous “creme de la anus” treatment … i mean this is what you do if you really wanna ask for it.. pffffttt..

  2. Yes next she’ll get a major brainwave and pick up a rock and sell it for “profit”. Of course since she’s extremely shrewd I’m sure she’ll also go so far as to sell you air for profit, because thats how the business world works. You buy something then sell it for more than its value. thats why 99.99% of people are millionaires. Kod I don’t think you get the girl! Its a fucking awesome idea, if your on LSD that is!

  3. girls are stupid…(not all, but a frightening percentage), but hell we don’t want them to be our accountants so who cares? unblock her right now, say it was your mistake and now that you realized how right she was, take her out in a nice restaurant, and then for drinks.

    (oh, and you’ll probably need to sell the laptop by then to pay the 100 pound bill because thats how much you’ll take from the sell of a second hand pc…)

  4. well you do have the right to get mad since it’s a free world, but i do think that you’re a bit snotty!! and will require some discipline, why you may ask?!
    well for the mere thought that you are allergic to idiots, means that you think highly of yourself and would never stoop too low as to conversate with creatures less intelligent than you, thus putting you in the ranks of sectarianists, racists and well kkk for the matter. All of those hedious beliefs spawned from being unempathic and not feeling sympathy for the others.
    even though i do not deny the fact that she’s idiotic, and i also believe that being kind to people has never brought anyone any good, but alas i cannot help but try.

  5. I would like to add to that, that if you can hold on to your laptop for the next 300 years then you can sell it as an antique and make tons of money! Museums will know your name and you’ll be famous worldwide. Oh! wait we don’t live that long. So much for that idea =(

  6. Hmmm, stupidity is one of the things that annoys me the most as well, although in this case i’m not sure if we r talking about stupidity or complete ignorance of everything that has to do with technology. In each case, don’t u think is a bit harsh to completly block a person cos of that? Propably she wasn’t a friend anyhow, thou, otherwise I’ld guess that this could be forgiven. I’m much more upset with ppl that make racist, fanatic or other sorts of narrow-minded comments. Maybe she was ready to admit she was kidding you a second after you blocked her ;-P

  7. Common sense is truly dead!

  8. Well, she sounds idiot enough to buy your laptop for the 2000 pounds of a Macbook Air, so why not give it a try? Never underestimate the usefulness of stupidity around you!loool

  9. thanks all for your wonderful comments :P. looking forward for more :P.

  10. To those less fortunate as joe puts it I would suggest the following readings:

    Selling and Sales Management

    Selling and Sales Management:

    An Introduction to Business Ethics:

    AND for those with a skewed moral compass who laugh at ethics

    Criminal Law: Theory and Doctrine:

  11. well.. i would like to say .. Girl YOU are stupid, when it comes to marketing and business… donkeee and shrek knows better than u..

  12. I think your reaction was a little extreme, but I don’t have the same allergies as you. 🙂

  13. brain? what brain?

  14. But she is totally wrong, and completely unethical. You’re right to no longer think of her as a trustworthy friend, because no one can trust someone like that.

  15. sounds like Mrs. Snotty Inc.

  16. You’re a STUPIDIST! 😛

  17. I think you are being too harsh on the girl, women in general are technologically challenged, and i think the Turbo button on the Washing Machine is already too much for them. ( girls just kidding! wouldnt want a group of hillary supporters chasing me:P )

    Anyway, you should unblock the poor girl…i have a friend of mine which keeps harrasing me to comment on his blog, what would you feel if i was to block him? Let’s wait and see…

  18. It might not be such a stupid idea you know. It is after all what Microsoft has been doing for years. If Bill Gates can get rich so can you…

  19. LOL! Nice idea… But if she considers your laptop as an Antique that’s a hell of a person :p “women and technology” hehe 😉

  20. I am sorry for all the people who said that women and technology do not mix.
    As if you are giving that girl as excuse to be dumb, because she is a woman.
    She is dumb, not because we are talking about a laptop, its the whole business concept in general, she is dumb not as a woman, never met a woman who doesn’t understand ther term profit.
    She is just DUMB!

  21. Respect man! I like your previous comment. But dont be surprised, we hear these comments all the time here in Leb, sexist ktir honeh.

  22. Dudes you totally seem allergic to each other already …. wasn;t the post just enuff !

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