Jan 292007

so I was hanging around in this chatroom and one of the people there posted this http://www.ysabellabrave.com/
and he started making a whole fuss about amazing she is, and how beautiful she is.
I thought he was talking about a model or an actress (typical celebrity crush or whatever), but anyway I was curious and followed the link.
What I found there shocked me, relaxed me, made me smile, and me laugh happily.
This woman is amazing, if you put all the talent that you see on TV (those talent shows like American idol) and even some mainstream singers together, they won’t be as good.
She has an AMAZING voice, and I cannot stress how good she is.
I know she will have a pretty good success in the future, and hopefully the near future, because this lad is in love with her voice like many others who commented on her videos.
Keep up the good work girl :).
and this is a sample of one of her videos.

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