Nov 152007

    For a while I have been noticing something going on in the relationships between Men and Women, for a while I have been seeing that the dynamics have been changing more and more in the favors of women.

women are taking over; that’s a fact, that lookout of the window, check the media, the magazines and your friends, you sure notice that things are different. Not only that men are becoming different too, let me explain.

If you grab some men magazines most articles are now oriented towards how to look better, they even selling products like moisturizers to men and masks and things that were exclusive to women just a decade ago, and also you can see articles on how to pleasure women  in all sort of ways from sexual to social, generally men are becoming more docile and more submissive.Just look around your friends, specially your male friends in long relationships, who wears the pants? how many times you heard the guy says he wants to “consult” with his girlfriend (which in fact its just getting her approval), how many guys do you know are turned on now by women who are dominant sexually?see!

On the other hand, if you check some women magazines, other than eauty tips that are more or less the same (with added improvements), the other articles are oriented on empowering them , sexually, politically, socially, etc.  Women are more independent than ever, they are wilder and more confidant, and generally in control.

Women are taking over the world, prepare yourself men!

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  1. i like 🙂
    why do you have to make it sound bad? 😛

  2. Because I am a man 😛

  3. fale el shaytan wala falak ya akhi. allah yostor 🙂

  4. hahaha

  5. maybe the reply came a little late but I just read this article. I’d say those products that were used by women mostly simply care for the skin and the looks, nothing more..gender’s not related, they didn’t have the products before, the media sold it, and they were the easier customers because the body of a woman is more “rated” than a man’s in all kinds of fashion or arts. The reason why this is different is because men usually have their way and women choose another. The feminine body language also came to be admired instead of overlooked as a female inbuilt feature, it is learned as women grow up. Then you talked about the empowerment issue; I think women’s sexuality is becoming less and less taboo, they gained the freedom for loving sex, being a lover and trying things out with less judgment. Its a new subject for society, and something kind of new to explore with so much potential for now its out in the open. And as for the image of the sexually dominant, its also one of the chain reactions of that “new” subject. Men are drawn to such women because they love the idea of a distant challenge, and in case they are submissive, they might like to observe someone trying to control them, they might like to see an extreme emotion other than the orgasm the “regular” woman would have. Women are not the enemy, women are not equal nor more, nor less (whether submissive or dominant, both, or neither), women are different, I accept them as women.
    Excuse me, just felt like writing, I was bored ^^

  6. Hehe, we’re not taking over yet, you see yes men are starting to see things from a woman’s point of view. By the time we’ll be in power, luckily the earth would be flooded thanks to global warming, because Male leaders today refuse to do something about it 😛 See it’s always the man’s fault!

    + 90% of the women still don’t realise that they have equal rights as men, still act like they’re inferior and dont deserve as much as a man. Don’t get too excited, you still rule.

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