Jan 102007

yep, after 17 days in Lebanon with ups and downs, I am back here.
The first day that I came here, I was cursing that I wanted to go back to Leb, now its okay I met my friends and I am having fun again :).
The good thing about Lebanon is the night life, no other place is like it: unless its dedicated just for that like ibiza.
but for everything else, people disgusted me in just 3 and a half months the amount of sectarianism was multiplied, DISGUSTING.
It just reinforced my decision not to live in Lebanon.
Lebanon is good for vacations, you go for 2 weeks every 3 months you go get drunk, dance like hell, meet your friends, see your family then you go back to the country that lets you have a normal life and a good career.
Anyway Edinburgh feels better now, the day is starting to get longer the sun is appearing around 9:30 and disappearing around 4 which is a great improvement from when I left (light at 11 dark at 2:30).
So its okay again :), if I ever decide to stay in Scotland I will make sure that I will get out of here for the whole month of December.
Anyway …

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  2 Responses to “back to edinburgh”

  1. welcome back!
    you forgot to say ino u come here to watch other people’s dance shows kamein 🙂 bass in any case, i dont agree with u, 7ada bise7elo shams libnen w bi3eesh bi grey scotlanda? ya wayleh, im freezing just at the thought of it!

  2. its not grey…. its damn green.
    I will put some pics soon

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