Mar 252011

Impossible, unless you are either gay or castrated.
And it’s worse if you are the geeky type, as a geek beauty alone doesn’t cut it, it’s nice and all but if I am seeking a relationship my mind has to work. As most geeks, I am an introvert, shy, and not as “agressive” as other guys.
For a geek to become friends with another person, they have to tick the brain and personality check list, so basically to be close to someone, it needs time.
If that someone happen to be as well a very cute girl, a geek will start getting deeply attracted to her, and unfortunately there is the problem; by the time the geek starts feeling for the girl, it’s already too late, he is in the friend zone , he becomes like a brother to her, or maybe looked upon as a girlfriend. Which causes frustration , anger and what not.
She probably starts seeing this and runs away.
Is it her fault? nope. Is it his fault?yep. Did he do something wrong? nope. But he didn’t do something right.
So basically…I am an idiot :).
Oh of course at that period, I was an unemployed whiny loser in the worse period of his life, that for sure doesn’t help any attraction what so ever…

Will clean this post up some other time. it’s almost 1 am. so it’s probably not very coherent.

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  1. Been there, and it really really^99999 sucks 😛

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