May 102011

Remember guys when last year all you were seeing are ads and articles everywhere on how Beirut is awesome, nightlife is amazing, and lots of Lebanese starting boasting about it while their country is falling apart left and right?
“oooh beirut is amazing”, “ooo it’s one of the cities recommended to visit in 2010”, “ooo it’s a wild place”
Well guys, Beirut is no where to be seen on a list in 2011, the last fake facade is gone.
Instead all we see now are articles about how much debt we have, how businesses are closing in Lebanon, how bad the politics are, how corrupt politicians are, how we have the worse internet on the planet, how people are immigrating away, etc…
The only good movement that I see in there is the anti sectarian movement, but still a very small minority, some idiots think it’s anti religion, and other fuckers think it will destroy their well established power and corruption so they will not be able to go party at night…boohoo…le snif.
May Lebanon Rest In Peace…

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