Aug 242006

Date: Friday August 24, 2006
Time: 6: 33pm

Running thru the maze of downtownia for days without any food or shelter, I finally found the Lina’s lair; it was in the middle of no where, protected by zombies wearing white who were everything they can to stop me from reaching the meeting point where my fellow warriors were holding ground. After a few minutes of tedious search I found them: there were 3 young ladies protecting their parameters bravely against all zombies who were trying constantly to lure them and make them order something, with all fancy zombie talks and magic books with magic orders in them.I quickly ran and sat next to them, but I was very weak and I starting reading in the magic books.Soon we were joined by 3 other warriors and 1 lady shortly but seems the more we are the more easily surrendered to the power of the books… we ordered,the zombies have won the battle.
While the magic orders were controlling us preventing us from functionning normally the zombies were deploying there second plan: controlling the weather. It was getting colder and colder, the group was getting weaker, and magic orders made some of us talk fast and loud on some sort of magical beings called Zou’amas that controlled things called sects, and those sects have powerfull effects on people, they make them morphe into brainless zombies and follow the Zou’amas blindly.Luckily we were impenetrable by the magical affects of the sects, maybe because we are warriors, maybe because we think differently or maybe because we have a good will.
The cold was unbarable, one our ladies who were tought some white magic while she was young tried to lure one of the zombies to fix the weather a bit so we can survive. But of course the evil zombie only smiled at her and did nothing. One of our warriors who were very skimply clothed, even tried to initiate a gay body warming party(probably because of the trance that the magic orders put him into) but he quickly snapped out of it.
At the end of the night our bodies seemed to have developed some sort of natural immunity against the black magic surrounding the place and we finally had the power to leave where warm weather had awaited us.
It was a good fight my fellow warriors, may the winds of the north keep up safe till our next battle with evil.

PS: the real story should be out when I receive the pictures in my email :P.

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  4 Responses to “Bloggers meeting at Lina’s”

  1. lol 😀

  2. the cold weather played a major role in developping the was like a tornado.indeed,getting out from that battle was a night;3panadols were taken to calm down the damages.
    And later that evening;everybody lived happily ever after….

  3. hi…
    I have to admit that I enjoy your fifth blog the most….
    kel marra betfeshilli khel2i….
    good luck in ur life….yalla…3a Canada?

  4. 😛 eve.
    Doha yeah met too + a beer
    Hashem occupation seems to disappear now 😛
    oh well…

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