Mar 042007

some hour ago, the total lunar eclipse was over, and for the people who missed it don’t worry there is another one in august…
What you see in fact, is a red moon, a moon stained in blood…which has a lot of myths around it, specially myths regarding vampires.
Me and a friend went up a hill called balckford hill just to have a better view, a bit far from urban light, I expected to see some kids wearing as vampires, the weirdest I didn’t see any.
When we reached the hill and we started climbing, we saw a lot of people watching the bloody moon, and when I turned around, I was shocked by what I saw, here she was, an oldish woman(40ish), wearing like a vampire. Her face was painted in white, with heavy black maskara and black gothic looking clothes…
umm… woman… GROW UP…

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