May 092011

Usually technical interviews is all about giving a certain assignment, a time limit, then afterwards explaining what you did to someone.
Not this time, I had to code live in front of three people (all seniors and up), on a big screen and explain as I go.
I am not used to do this at all, I got nervous and I even forgot the most basic stuff.
Chance of success… LOW.

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Jul 292009

A friend of mine who will remain anonymous (no need for her to get fired) was telling me how her boss asked her to learn a programming language, a web framework so she can be able to do web programming which implicitly require her to learn databases design and query language. No problem here if she is a computer scientist, but  she is a graphic designer. His reasoning  is that  its very easy, and they should learn everything.

Great, programmers go to university for 4 years learning logic, programming software engineering; endless sleepless nights and skiped parties and people think that our job can be learned in a matter of a few hours. No wonder no body understands; when they require a web programming and they get an estimate of several thousands dollars they get shocked ,and think a web application costs like $50 at best (including design and hosting).

Some people need electric poles up their asses…

May 282009

So I am doing a small project to get back in shape: an Rss Reader.

Since most of you use some kind of Reader like google reader, what kind of features you all use? and what do you feel its missing?

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May 132009

So been coming back to the programming world slowly, and discovering what I have been missing: Updating my knowledge of new techniques, new tools, new IDEs, new testing methods ,etc.

One thing that I have noticed looking at code around for the past few years,programmers do not know how to program any more: The time where complexity (O(n)), clean code, commented code, documented code,and beautiful code  matter seems to be gone to no return.

I am seeing disaster programming in mainstream applications, but it works, it just does. It can be faster, cleaner and better, but people nowadays just don’t care. They want code spurted out as soon as possible, so they can release it to gain money, fame, grade, and recognition.

Programmers spurt more than a 1000 lines of code a day now some reaching 2000+, which  10 years ago was seen as something amazing, and only a genius can do that. I can average like 200 lines of code on a good day, and that’s damn slow to today’s standards. I know my 200 lines are a much better quality than those 1000 lines spurts, and I am really usually proud of those 200 lines; the problem is, no body cares any more!

For the industry I am just a damn slow programmer, and time is money. Efficient code is not needed, computers are damn powerful now that makes my way of thinking obsolete.

In other word, crappy code is the standard today and it doesn’t really matter.Its so damn frustrating…

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May 132009

1)What Languages you program in? (and what compiler?)
2)What OS do you use?
3)What IDE do you use?
4)What Version Control do you use?
5)What Backup Solutions do you use?
6)What unit testing do you use?

I recently got back to the programming world, and I am trying to catch up with what I missed.
Lets just say my knowledge and techniques are kinda obsolete. I do things from scratch I care al ot about O(n),and I care a lot about every single byte and variable.
Which seems that nowadays, no body cares, everybody wants things to be done immediately, and computers are so powerful that no body cares about these things anymore.
On top of that, there are IDEs, Frameworks, and Snippets Generators that help with much faster programming.
Basically kinda learning from scratch…

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