Feb 062014

Everyday I read the news in Lebanon , not because I am interested in any of the shit that is going on there but because of the car bombs and suicide bombings that have been occurring in the last few weeks. My family still lives there after all.

And everyday I see crazy non political and non security related news , 21 year old marries 11 year old, some criminal gets detained so his family closes roads and burn tires until he is released and today I read about the teacher who was killed by her husband without an interference from the law. Lebanon is deteriorating, people are becoming more and more retarded, friends that were always like “we will never leave Lebanon” are urging people to leave for their own safety.

I have a suggestion… seems people are more interested in the after life than the current life so… if you are a criminal from any kind you should not get a religious burial, instead your body should not be buried at all, it should be tossed away like trash, no prayers allowed, no people allowed to even attend to it. Just get rid of the damn body.It might have more effect than the fear of the law…anybody protesting this will not get a religious burial either, anybody disobeying this law should be counted as a criminal as well his executed body tossed away like shit too.


fucking nuts… fucking religion… fucking brainwashed idiots… fucking …fucking…fucking…


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Jan 202012

Shutting down a legal website for illegal contents is like shutting down a weapons manufacturer because some of its gun are used to murder people. Oh wait… you don’t do that…too bad you don’t…

Sep 122011

is on the decline…
Lately not in the mood to blog at all, even though I got lots of news to tell.
I just feel weird since this blog was being read by people I did not want them read …
Maybe I’ll take some time off and decide what to do with this…

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Aug 282011

I really hate people who try to guilt trip you into doing something. Even that they got several warnings that it might not go as planned long before hand, and even advised them do something about it, but they refused. And suddenly drama…
It’s just plain BullShit!!!!

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Jul 202011

Dear Eastern immigrants to Western countries

You come to their land, you criticise their culture, you live in ghettos only dealing with your own people, and in some cases even trying to make your laws work in their governments, wtf is that???

If you want to keep living like you used to live in your old countries, STAY THERE!!!

If you don’t like that your kids will be “westernised” do not come here!!! This is fucking retarded!

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Jul 112011

I was watching an interview with a cancer patient, how he is struggling to get funding for treatment in the US etc.
It was shared on a certain youtuber ‘s fb page. It’s sad.
Until you start reading the comments, people criticizing the interviewer that she is fat, or the interview is boring, or gay (not sure why).
What the fuck is wrong with people???? this is fucked up. Human beings are disgusting!

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Apr 132011

First thing:
Media is really bad
•TV: Boring, Expensive, Repetitive, ads again and again and again
•Internet: Expensive, Limited bandwith compared to Europe (let’s not compare it to Lebanon the officially worse country in the world)
•Radio: GAHHHH!
•Mobile: EXPENSIVE!!!!! and CRAP!!!!, things they charge you for in here come for free worldwide! imagine they charge you for receiving phone calls! minutes are deducted!!! on top of that while for example UK offer 2000 minutes per month packages , in here they offer 200 mins packages for the same prices, and receiving international calls or messages is a disaster (I almost never ever receive international text and people think I am ignoring them).

Second Thing:
Some companies follow the american way of paying but without the perks of the american way. They do not pay for overtime, on call or what ever that is. Also we have 10 business days of vacation per year and 5 sick days! Compared for example to scotland where you could have 25 days. So basically people tend not to take any off days ever and they try to group them together for a nice vacation, so people when fucking sick come to work anyway and all they do is cough and sneeze and they fucking infect everybody else like it happened to me :). I am home and sick and just spent my last sick of the year because of that stupid system.
Thank you very much…

Mar 302011

In Lebanon everybody complains about scooter, they’re noisy, annoying, their riders don’t respect any law what’s so ever, they go the wrong way, they ride on the side walk, they wave in and out of traffic and if you hit them with your car , it’s your fault.
Well, In Montreal, when you take a Motorcycle course and they show you pictures of things not to do, surprise surprise Lebanese scooter drivers come up in their presentation…
Thank you for spreading your retardation 2 continents and an ocean away…

May 112009

There are alot of Lebanese websites that I visit daily to get my compulsary updates of Lebanon. I visit several sites from opposing political points of views, just to see what each side has to say, then I try to take what’s common, most probably true, and what is different, which means it needs further looking up into; check inconsistency , holes, and previous news to see if its continuous or fishy.

One thing is common to all Lebanese media sites: visually, THEY SUCK.

They have great graphic designers, but very very very bad web designers and publishers. On most sites you see amazing pictures, banners, logos and what not; but regarding the total design, its crap, its cluttered, its full of advertisements that have nothing to do with what I am reading(meet muslim women from Lebanon as an example while reading some sinister news), flashing pictures, endless pages where I have to scroll down to reach the end, several columns, impossible navigation, and totally crap experience generally.

Its like a metaphor of Lebanon, if you focus on a few parts they are amazing, but as a whole its total crap, nothing works as it should, too chaotic, too flashy, too money oriented.


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Dec 072008

you know when you are trying to get over someone, but for some reason her name begins to pop up everywhere instead.For fuck sakes, now even random tv characters have that name, keep seeing it on magazines for people I never seen before.


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