Oct 112008

I have a thing for helping people, when I do that it makes me feel good about myself so in  a way I help people for my own good.

On the other hand, the worse feeling in the world for me is busting my ass trying to help someone, working for hours just to make their life easier while doing something, and then not even be acknowledged for all that help.Its a direct kick to the balls.And any man would tell you it fucking hurts!

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Oct 062008

We middle eastern just love to fight, and if we don’t fight using  missiles and cluster bombs we find something else to fight about.

I was just reading some hilarious that some Lebanese union wants to sue Israel for stealing Lebanese food and market it as their own , as their own cuisine.At first glance you would think , yeah! in what right they do that?? we should sue their asses! the argument is that we Lebanese have been cooking these dishes for hundreds of years before even israel existed!

And there’s the fucking problem!! Lebanon is 5 years older than israel!!! Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine have been more or less counted as one unit for thousand of years! the Levant! we have the same food, the same culture, the same habits, and if you really want to dig it up, almost the same language etymology wise.What we cook, is that what all those newly found countries cook! the difference is a bit of extra salt here, a bit less of pepper there, one ingredient more or less just to reflect a certain area, I mean even in Lebanon kebbeh of the north is different than kebbeh of the south! the only truly dish that came 100% from the current lebanese with its current borders is the tabouleh! I am not sure about the baba ghanooj. But humus , falafel, shawarma, sheesh tawoo2 etc. are not a Lebanese invention! its something from the whole area!!!!

But hey at least we make them the best, and no body can deny that!

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Sep 112008

I have been nagged to have clear non cryptic post the way I used to do, the problem is most my previous posts were born out of frustration and anger, and usually when I am angry I become very sarcastic and when I am sarcastic people find me funny; I am not angry now.

So I have no clue what to write, I can’t find something that is annoying me enough to bash at it and create a post, weird huh?So I am just gonna give some updates

1)I got my drive back, I am starting slowly to stand up again, to be competitive, to love being challenged, so watch out ;).

2)I am back to the gym heavily and I lost 5 kilos already, I improved from barely running 2.5 kms in 25 mins to running 5 kms in 36 mins 50 sec, and I am aiming in 1 year to be able to run 15 kms in 1 hour. impossible? no! hard to achieve? definetly.

3)I am pretty relaxed, I am sleeping much less: around 6 hours a day, I wake freeling refreshed as well.

4) I am not happy yet, but reaching there.

why the change? I don’t have to explain that just read the post titled “Walking back from the gates of hell…”.

Happy enough? joe, marilyn, posh,krys, liliane?


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May 282008

The people who know me know that I am highly allergic for two things, some strong smells(like lots of perfume) and stupidity. Well not allergic for the former because it only makes me sneeze a lot.

Yesterday I had a severe allergic reaction to one of the most stupid conversation that I ever had with anyone and that includes sectarians, racist and all sort of stupid people that I met in my life.

So I was talking to a “friend” on msn (who is now blocked, deleted and out of my life, since I cannot tolerate such amount of stupidity), she was complaining about her PC which is crashing all the time so she had to use her father’s computer, so I told her to buy a Mac, she said they are rubbish(first stupidity :P), after I explained why Macs are better. (which now I highly doubt that anything got through her mind), she asked me if I have a Mac, I answered that I don’t unfortunately because I can’t afford one, and the current laptop that I am using was bought for cheap.

So now comes the second stupidity that I ever heard, sell the laptop and get with the money a mac, I thought she was joking at first.I asked her if she is joking, she denied it.She was really serious, she wanted me to sell the laptop to get a mac. It wasn’t the first time we had a conversation that goes no where, (which now I was wondering why I kept her on my MSN list in the first place).I tried to explain that I cannot buy a mac with the money sold of a used computer which I bought cheaply in the first place because I did not afford a mac.So what was her answer? sell your laptop for profit!.

Sell you laptop for profit!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes on what I was reading, sell my used laptop for profit, yeah I am repeating it again. not only that sell my computer for profit, enough profit that I could get a mac!!!!! And what her reason behind this logic? that’s how business works.After all she saw it on TV, people sell old stuff for lots of money, and what are those stuff they sell? Antiques she answered.

When I told her, that if I sell my used computer for more money than I bought it new, I would be a thief selling to an idiot.She said that’s only an opinion.That’s business.

At the point, I said goodbye, I blocked her, deleted her and out of my life…

Please comment, on this, don’t hold back. I am really interested to see your opinions about this :P.

PS: sorry for the excessive typos, my allergic reaction is still here.

PS2: Forgot also that she even suggested that I could sell it to a friend…

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Mar 302008

2 days ago, while drinking in a pub, I had some idea to write on the blog, and I was very excited, because I felt it was great.

yesterday, I forgot what I wanted to write… and its frustrating me, the big question is, did I feel it was a great idea because I had so much alcohol in my system?


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