Feb 072012

Dear Ladies…

If a guy friend of yours commented that a girl is beautiful/hot , that does NOT mean that you have to play the match making role.
Second time it happens to me.
me: oh your friend is hot.
2 days later,her: oh I told her you have a crush on her.

GAHHHH what the heck??? and now what? you just killed any possibility.

Scenario 1
me: hi
cute girl: hi
me: don’t believe her, I don’t have a crush on you.
cg: oh okay.
me; bye
cg: bye

Scenario 2
me: hi
cute girl: hi
me: yep, I am that guy…
cg: oh , you send a girl to tell another girl that you have a crush on her.
me: umm ummm
cg: not very manly…
me: bye
cg: bye

from now on, I am not sharing anything with you ladies! friends or strangers!!!
these lips are sealed!!!

PS: I am a creating a whole new category called: facepalm