Sep 172009

So today me and a group of friends were going to a dinner at another friend’s place and we had to take the train because its half an hour from Edinburgh.
We had to wait for someone so we split the group, half left and the other waited for her. The host told us that we don’t have to wait for the other train in half hour, instead take another train to a nearby village and then they will pick us up, it won’t matter because the cost is the same and the ticket guy wont mind.
I wasn’t liking it very much , so the girls ( the 4 left were me and 3 lovely girls) told me oh just sit when the ticket guy comes in, don’t say anything and we will use our female charm to fix everything.
We sat down, I couldn’t sit next to them (no space), so I sat on the other side of the aisle.
Just 5 mins before we arrive at our destination the guy came in asking for tickets, the row in front of me didn’t have any and bought them on the fly, while he was fixing them the tickets, I flashed him my ticket and he said okay.But when he reached the girls, the charm didn’t work, he made them pay 80p each which is like $1.10 or something, it was hilarious , I was looking at the girls behind the guy’s shoulder and grinning!
Priceless 😛

Aug 292009

12:30 < Friend>

12:30 < Friend> must see

12:31 < Friend> till the end

12:34 < Me> wtf???

12:35 < Me> I can imagine lots of uses…

12:35 < Me> put a bird next to an orgy 😛

12:35 < Me> let it learn

12:35 < Me> lol

12:35 < Friend> ok i knew you would suggest something like that

12:36 < Friend> now imagine we buy like 20 of those birds, and run a phone

sex business

12:36 < Friend> fuckin amazing

12:36 < Me> LOL

12:30 < FireBlade> must see
12:31 < FireBlade> till the end
12:34 < kod> wtf???
12:35 < kod> I can imagine lots of uses…
12:35 < kod> put a bird next to an orgy 😛
12:35 < kod> let it learn
12:35 < kod> lol
12:35 < kod> hahahaha
12:35 < FireBlade> ok i knew you would suggest something like that
12:36 < FireBlade> now imagine we buy like 20 of those birds, and run a phone
sex business
12:36 < FireBlade> fuckin amazing
12:36 < kod> LOL
Aug 192009

me: my old laptop died
Sent at 10:36 PM on Wednesday
Friend: hmm not good
me: yep
Friend: that was your only pc there?
me: obviously not…

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Jul 172009

So yesterday at like 2 am sleepless sitting in bed, decided to turn on the TV.While I was flipping between channels I landed on the E! channel which had a show about celebrities in swimsuit. What can I say… I just love bikinis :P.

I continued watching, and to please the female audience they had to show some males in swimsuits, so one of them was Jake Gyllenhaal and as an introduction they listed a few things he did and one of them “spooning with Heath Ledger”, which was translated in the Arabic subtitles as “tanawala el ta3am ma3a Heath Ledger” (he had food with Heath Ledger)…

yep… retardation at its best…

May 192009

So was in the mood for mashed potatoes, but really hating peeling the potatoes.My urge for food was bigger than my Laziness, so I peeled a few, cut them into small pieces, put them in the food processor, added the oil, and started it.
it wasn’t getting mashed properly and i was wondering why, did you notice what was missing in the sequence I wrote above?
I forgot to cook them….
yep I am stupid…

Apr 302009

You know you had too much caffeine and lack of sleep when a friend tells you that he went to a karaoke pub, and you read karaoke as bukkake.

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Apr 092009

[20:23:01] Kodder: oh well
[20:23:02] Kodder: 🙂
[20:24:16] Kodder: put the meat back in the fridge
[20:24:22] Kodder: in the mood for some potatoes
[20:24:39] Lucy: oooh yummeh
[20:24:41] Kodder: yep
[20:24:46] Lucy: i had pizza earlier
[20:24:47] Kodder: got those frozen oven ones
[20:25:01] Lucy: ….frozen oven potatoes?
[20:25:05] Kodder: yep
[20:25:11] Lucy: …like chips you mean?
[20:25:15] Kodder: yeah
[20:25:16] Kodder: lol
[20:25:20] Lucy: good
[20:25:25] Lucy: got so confused then
[20:25:41] Kodder: still dont have the habit of calling them chips
[20:25:47] Kodder: they all potatoes to me.
[20:33:54] Lucy: hahaha
[20:34:01] Kodder: 😛
[20:34:16] Kodder: well they are 😛
[20:34:19] Lucy: true
[20:35:19] Kodder: had to go the check the bag
[20:35:22] Kodder: yep : oven chips
[20:35:23] Kodder: 😛
[20:35:32] Kodder: so what’s the difference? 😛
[20:35:44] Lucy: between potatoes and chips?
[20:35:48] Kodder: yeah
[20:35:52] Kodder: just the shape?
[20:35:59] Lucy: potatoes are like the whole potato i guess
[20:36:04] Kodder: okie hehe
[20:36:07] Lucy: you know. no-one has ever asked me this before
[20:36:09] Lucy: wait
[20:36:12] Kodder: lol
[20:36:14] Lucy: you don’t call crisps chips do you?
[20:36:18] Kodder: yep we do
[20:36:25] Kodder: crips and chips
[20:36:28] Kodder: chips are fries
[20:36:37] Lucy: no i mean
[20:36:40] Kodder: and we have baked potatoes
[20:36:44] Lucy: crisps potatos
[20:36:45] Lucy: i mistyped it
[20:36:51] Kodder: no I call them chips
[20:37:09] Kodder: american terminology
[20:37:09] Lucy: so why do you call chips/fries potatoes?
[20:37:28] Kodder: coz they are fried
[20:37:33] Lucy: no i know
[20:37:39] Lucy: i get why you call them fries
[20:37:46] Lucy: but why do you call the things you have there potatoes?
[20:37:52] Kodder: lol
[20:37:56] Kodder: this is sooo confusing
[20:37:56] Kodder: lol
[20:37:59] Lucy: i know!
[20:38:01] Lucy: let’s stop it now
[20:38:01] Lucy: my brain hurts
[20:38:03] Kodder: yep
[20:38:05] Kodder: hahah
[20:38:18] Kodder: I am soooo saving this and posting on my blog…
[20:38:21] Kodder: will change your name.
[20:38:30] Kodder: to protect privacy 😛

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