Nov 212007

Its amazing how people make birth as something beautiful , divine, sacred… the reality is far from it.

Imagine you are still an unborn baby, you are cramped in place that had your curled up to fit, you are always moving around and you don’t know why, you are in a prison for 9 months, you hear faint noises from your under-liquid prison and you have no clue what is going on. Man that is even worse than solitary in prison, at least they get to go out and work 15 mins a week or something like that…

At birth it does not become any better at all, you are being squeezed by powerful muscles all around you, you feel weird moving, and at the same time you hear your mother screaming and most probably insulting every one around her, and if she is an aggressive woman she probably crushed her husband’s hand who is there with her for “support”.

When you start coming out you are surrounded by blood, placenta, plasma and other very
“sacred” and “beautiful”stuff, oh and you pass centimeters from your mother’s excrements (if you people did not know: most women defecate during birth).

After one last crushing push, you are out surrounded by people wearing white from top to bottom with their face hidden looking like a mummy and the first thing they do is hold you upside down and give you a spanking (as a punishment for being born)they talking out very loud, cleaning you with a towel from all the “nice stuff” that you came in contact with on your way out.

The following few days would be hell, your skin is too sensitive but everyone tries to hold you, your eyes start opening for the first time and the light hurts your eyes, the only good thing is that you would be planted most of time in front of breasts, unfortunately they are your mother’s …

After few days where you start getting used to all the overloading of your senses, if you are a boy and you happened to be born in a brainwashed country where the penis is considered unpure in its natural state, you go back to the same place where you are born , where you see the same person wearing white, but this time instead of just spanking you, he cuts your most sensitive place with a scalpel without anesthetic to the satisfaction of your brainwashed society.

Its Good to be Born…

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Jul 122007

There is something worrying me lately, there has been some movements for people just to accept being obese, fat and lazy and its turning to be some kind of people making as if its sexy to be obese, or people want to be with other obese people.Some Media are broadcasting to accept that you are obese and not let the skinny people make you feel bad and accept who you are…

What a bunch of smelly crap…

That’s a quitter attitude, instead of stop gulping food that can make a small village in Africa survive for a month in just one day , and instead of moving your fucking ass a bit for that 100 meters shop and not take the car, or go to the gym, eat healthy food etc… you just quit, blame the skinny people that they are cruel for something you did to yourself (no body other than you shoved that entire bucket of chicken wings up your mouth idiot!!), and make it as if its hot to be full of fat, cholesterol, and laziness.

Way to go, and who gets to pay for you treatment when your extra cheese, extra pepperoni, extra junk pizza becomes heavy on your heart? the other tax payers.

Just move your fat ass for fuck sakes.

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