Apr 122011

The last 2 vacations I had were not really vacations.
The first one when my parents came here, and they see how I was living, 10 to 10 at work barely enough time to buy furniture, so they helped me with that . Forever Thankful, but didn’t get to do any resting.
The second one when I went to Lebanon during December, and when someone goes home it’s not really a vacation either, it was nice , but didn’t refuel enough.
I need to go somewhere nice, somewhere relaxing, not sure where though.
Maybe when I get probational motorcycle license , I will go somewhere nice around Canada.
Any suggestions?

Jun 102009

Is the white font on black background bothering people?

do I revert back to black on white instead?

update: Back to the default theme for a while, until I find another suitable theme…

update 2: like ?