Aug 292013

I am in few Atheist groups on some social media, and a lot of time posts tend to mock religious belief for their insanity and lack of logic, and there are always theists who complain that we shouldn’t mock other people’s beliefs (not even mentioning death threats and other kind of threats).

We are just mocking religion. On the other hand, in quite a bit of countries just because I am atheist and do not believe your fairy tales I am as good as dead. Either by people who think they are doing their imaginary friends will (usually not punished by their government or given very light sentences) or executed by the government itself (like the “country” of saudi arabia).

In other words: FUCK OFF.


PS: If you don’t want to see your religion mocked, don’t join atheist groups you dimwits!


Aug 192013

Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you, and the title is not sarcastic at all.
Someone I know asked me if I really think that Religion is evil and nothing good comes out of it.
He asked that because he kept seeing me repeating an FB status: Religion… the root of all evil.
I usually put that after a car bombing or a massacre that is cause by religious fanatics , the frequencies of which keep on increasing…

Anyways back to the subject; Good things come out of Religion for sure! Specially in the past:

  • When people donate out of religious conviction for the poor or orphanages for example, I call this good that came out of religion. I don’t specifically call the people donating as good, because the true intention of donating is to book a seat in the supposed heaven but nonetheless the good that came out of it (food, shelter, clothes etc) is umm GOOD.
  • When science advances because of religion: Lots of tool, funding for scientists, architecture concepts, etc. got a boost up because of building all those grandiose temples that religion tends to have (highest buildings in the ancient world, most elaborate ornaments, etc.)
  • The first city ever built was built because of religion, at a time where humans did not even know how to grow food, it is called Gobekli Tepe in turkey and it is 11,000 years old where a temple is the centre of it.(Note humans were nomads before discovering how to farm)
  • It gave structure and laws in times where laws did not matter, a fear of punishment was needed to keep people in line. (of course used by the fragile elders to keep control over the young and powerful ).


The problem is at this age: we have laws, we have logic, we have science, and now religion is hindering us. How many scientists were killed by religion because they said the earth is round and it revolves around the sun? how many research were stopped because it is not according to some religion? how many damn wars were because of religion? how much racism, sexism, hate and elitism were caused because of religion?

Fairy tales don’t have a place in this modern world. When we die , we die. You don’t have to invent crazy stories to make yourself comfortable.



Mar 302013

In Lebanon, young people are fighting to get the right to have a civil marriage, opposed by religious nuts and sheep which of course in a place like Lebanon, they almost always win.
In the US, they are demonstrating for marriage equality for all genders and sexual orientation, opposed by religious nuts and sheep which of course in a place like the US, they almost always win.
I fucking hate religion, all religions. Religious people think it’s okay to force their views on others even if the others do not follow those religions and don’t believe in them.
Marriage is a contract between two adults ( unlike some of you religious freaks who think it’s okay to fuck 9 years olds…), what those 2 adults agree upon is no body’s business.
stupid people…

Dec 312012

As you guys can see this blog is mostly dead, but I still get a lot of theist people visit my website to bash my atheist views, they write me long comments with lots of insults, and anger then they finish it up that I need to find the truth, open my heart and shit like that. 😛
I usually disapprove the comments before they show up in here because they never ever have real substance to them: bashing, quoting scriptures, quoting philosophers, etc.
So my question to you dear readers, do you want me to approve those comments from now on so you can have a go on each other? or just press the delete button?

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Dec 062011

They say that in like 10 years, Scientists will find a way to extend the human lifespan for up to 150 years. So me as a 30 year old, I could potentially have 120 more years to live (If I don’t die in a motorcycle accident). Same for most people.
So in those 120 years, Scientists might as well discover a way to extend the life for another 500 years. Then in those 500 years , they might discover a way to live millennia, and then maybe even become immortals.

So my question is, lets say that this becomes a reality, what do religious people do? The whole point of religion is to give believers a set of rules to abide by that stamps them as “good” to be able to book a seat in the supposed heaven.(help the poor to go to heaven is not really being good right?) So what would they do? they are immortals, they can’t kill themselves to go to heaven because it’s a sin. So basically they are stuck or they can go to the supposed hell.

Any ideas?

Jul 302011

So it’s that time of year again, Ramadan, where people try to preach for me, hinting for me , convincing me to follow the “truth” , and what not.
I can’t tell you how annoying it is, how offensive they are to even think about it. I am atheist, and you are trying to convince me with your ways, how about I try to “convert” you to atheism would you like agree with that? no. Anyway no body can convert anyone to atheist, they usually do that on their own.

Anyway, for whomever wants to try to “save” me , I have a dare for you. I want you to read the holy book of 9 other religions, not sects, religions. It will probably take you along time, specially if you try to understand them well. But there is no worry , you already picked your religion and you are 100% convinced right? so there is in no way any harm what’s so ever, right? when you do that…
please tell me what you found out.

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Oct 142010

Apparently God is the one who saved the Chilian workers, not the tons of engineers who worked endless hours on finding ways to drill, not the engineers who invented the drills in the first place, not the workers who worked days and night drilling, not the people who helped getting them food and medicine, not their families who helped them stay sane , not the media who helped shed light on their ordeal and resulted in help from all over the world. Nope its apparently God, why the heck didn’t he bother to stop that damn mine from collapsing, causing them permanent damage to their bodies from inhaling that stuff for 3 months and causing permanent mental damage (post tramatic stress etc.)… oh yeah forgot…. he did it to test their faith.

Damn religions, cheapens human achievements…

Aug 282009

-You should believe in god.
-Why should?
-Because that is the right thing to do.
-For you, maybe, but not for me. I decline thanks
-How can you not believe in god eh?? that’s so stupid.
-Look dude, you believe that god is all powerful , right?
-Right, infinite power.
-right… and you believe that god created everything to his own will, right?
-Of COURSE! anybody who can’t see that is an idiot!
-Okay then, god created me atheist, I am sorry its the will of god! you can’t tell me to believe in god since god himself created me atheist! who the heck are you to defy god’s will?!
-ummm…ummm… umm..
-yep !

Dec 192008

Theists often wonder why on earth atheists help others, give charity to the poor or volunteer their time to help the less fortunate; they have no god, they have no requirements what’s so ever to do do it, and since they do not believe in heaven and god then why bother at all?

The answer is easy, its because atheists know there is no heaven and there is no god to help the unfortunate that we need to help them instead of sitting in a corner, pray for god to feed the poor and shelter the homeless just before asking for our new dream car or new job…

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Nov 292008

*The Following post is just my take on middle eastern politics, I am in no way claim that I am really knowledgeable about what’s really going on, I do not claim that what I say is true, I do not claim that because I am Lebanese I need to have a set of pre-set ideas and opinions about certain countries, I do not claim that this is fair, I do not claim that you should take any thing written in this post with more than a pinch of salt. Please if you are a real expert of the region  and its politics and you think what I say is a lot of bullshit, feel free to correct me as long as you try as much as you can be objective. Oh and like usual dear readers, if you don’t like what I say stop reading my blog 🙂 *

**In here I am trying to be as logical as I can be, as objective as I can be (which is probably not very possible since I am Lebanese but will try my best), I will be very critical of religions, very critical of racism, sectarianism, stupidity. I will not be patriotic. I will just try to be human**

I)Invented Races

First things first, just a bold statements that would  piss off most of you just to get rid of unwanted readers, I think the whole middle east borders and countries need to repartitioned, it was partitioned randomly probably by a few drunken people celebrating their victory against the Germans and Ottomans, they didn’t even bother looking at the demographics while drunkenly drew the dotted lines cutting off the ex-Ottoman empire. Or maybe they did and wanted eternal conflict in the region.Second, Arabs and Jews are newly created expanded people for political reason, no I do not mean that Arabs and Jews don’t exist, I am just saying their current form is false.In the current form, Arab “race” includes anyone residing in the dog area(for the people new to this world, the arabic countries put together look like a dog if you squint), and Jewish “race” which describes anyone from Jewish parents (both for orthodox, mother for moderates/reform etc. ).The problem? for political reasons both entities became races.

There isn’t much in common between a Tunisian, an Egyptian, a Lebanese, a Saudi, and a Somali other than the language that we use in our text books that we call Arabic.Genes, Cultures, Food, Habits, Local Languages are different, we have almost nothing in common. For example the Lebanese are much more similar to Greeks in all of these terms than any of the others mentioned above. I am always mistaken for a Greek in Edinburgh, the food is almost identical, the culture is almost a copy, even the languages have some similarities. Could you dare call the Greeks Arabs? How about the Italians?

Same applies to the Jews, how much in common do you see between an Ashkenazis, Shepardic, Mizrahim, African and Chinese jew: Their religion. Different Food, different genes, different culture, different languages. For the people who don’t know the Hebrew language was dead, it was only revived recently with the creation ofIsrael.The Jews were talking in what ever language the country they resided was used.

So why both people were created? POWER. Basically what drives most Elites, and to get power you need sheep, and to get sheep you need to brainwash them and unite them with a cause. Pan-arabism for arabs, and Zionism for Jews; thus our disaster began…

**End of Part 1**

PS: Hope I pissed enough people off already.

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