Nov 112008

If anybody has been reading the news for the last few years, you would notice how the main religions of the world are attacking the church of Scientology, by discrediting its members, its practices, making fun of their rules, and by trying to put a dark shroud around it.

The sad/funny thing is that all religions start the same, an old guy/guys write a fictional book, some people with weak personalities who are usually socially alianated decide to follow it basically because they feel that their current situations are unworthy and for sure there is a better way to live or to a better place to reach. They get some order in their lives, they feel surrounded by people withthe same previous dysfuntional lives, they feel happy.

Like all human beings, when they feel happy, they would want to share their happiness with others, and make others happy; they start targetting people with the same previous situation as them, converting them, and the cult (still a cult at the moment), grows bigger and bigger.Until a day where the dominant religion(s) start feeling threatened by it, tries to repress it, at first peacefully, then with violence.

The followers would still multiply, until they have enough power to fight back.Then the dominant religion would leave them alone.But still they keep multiplying more and more, until one day they become the dominant religion, and attack other people , liberate their “old” sacred sites, unleashing revenge over the previous regimes, forcing others to convert, porsecuting anyone who doesn’t follow them.

Not forgetting that over the time, the person who wrote the book, or at least the characters in them start changing from human, to superhuman, until they reach a divine state.   Ron Hubbard would probably have nuclear farts, can fly to the sun and back in 5 seconds, and can command every single attom in the universe in  a few thousand years if by then humanity didn’t get enough logic and common sense to abolish all those fictional books and habits.

These steps apply to all religions…

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Oct 032008

I can’t say how many times(3) I go to a new kebab shop to eat because I am hungry(obviously), asked my origin, then the next question: are you muslim? and its always with this cheeky smile, as if they met their new bestfriend. I mean wtf? what does it have to do with anything? why is it that important to be muslim? bleh!

Yesterday was the worse time…

fuck face:Are you muslim?


fuck face:Are you christian?

me: No

fuck face:What then?


other fuck face: what is an atheist?

fuck face: someone who doesn’t believe in any religion.

other fuck face: aha (frown)

fuck face: so what is your family,  also atheist?

me: (knowing that he wants to associate me whether I like it or not) there are some atheist yeah.

fuck face: all of them?

me: no . (turned my back and finished eating)

fuck face: hmm (invisible frown)

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Sep 162008

There are a few references of religions that are almost permanent in all Hollywood Series; you have some hints, episodes that just have to be there:

1)The Christmas episode, a problem is there but gets resolved by some kind of Miracle and while at it some skeptic or someone who lost faith gets it back.

2)The Jewish hints, some wedding, a Jew who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, some random guy that passes temporarly.

3)The Muslim with some dilemma caused by the difference in culture.

4)The Buddhist with the unusual problem.

5)The Atheist that is causing trouble all around him.

6)The Satanist with the tattoos and piercings (as if being Goth means satanist).

7)Some minor cult or religion that people barely know about.

All that translate to: Its good to be Christian, its even better to be newborn Christian. To be a Jew is okay, as long as you don’t appear too jewish.To be muslim is a problem. To be Buddhist is exotic and fascinating but its not really practical. To be Atheist is just evil, go away! To be Satanist is a bit less evil than being atheist, because god is merciful. And last, if you have a weird ass religion, then you are one messed up bastard, go away we don’t need you.

I bet if you watch any series and I do mean any series, you will notice these immediately if you look for them. Enjoy :P.

Yeah I know…weak post. I did not know how to write it properly.

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Apr 272008

Some of my friends asked me why the abundance of atheistic and anti-religion posts in here…so here is my answer for everybody.

Lebanon has been in trouble for a while now, sectarianism is rocketing, and I see lots of my friends taking sectarian sides, and from the people who are not taking sides, they just lost the will to think and completely submitted to religion.Their lives now are revolving about a god, every word every sentence every action is about religion.Which frankly pisses me off.

I just hate quitters, people who instead of trying do things in life, they just sit in the corner, take a damn book as an excuse for not doing anything and relying on some imaginary supreme being to save them.

just my 0.02

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Apr 062008

Since the beginning of time everything that is unknown is associated with gods; if its raining, then its god of rain that won the day, if its sunny then god of sun kicked the god of rain’s ass and dominated the day, until both of them got kicked by god of night, and the loop continues…

A few thousand years later, a few dozain gods are replaced by one god instead, humans have scientists now, they know a lot of new stuff, the amount of unknown is much less, so 1 god is enough for them.

Current times, you rarely see people who are still extremely religious, excluding the new born Christians in the US and some super exploding Muslims , most people now just believe that there is a god that protects them, but they most of them do not think that when there is hurricane then he is angry or in a bad mood, then she just associate it with natural phenomenas.Believing in a god now is just a matter of comfort, because if any person bothered to read some books more than his bible or Koran they would know that there is no god. Reading about all the different religions over time and how each religion steals from a previous and neighboring religions, add some salt/pepper cook it a bit more would be proof enough. But I guess most people just want some assurance that somebody is watching over them and that’s all this praying and being “good” religion wise is not gone for nothing and they will be rewarded later when they die.

Future time? I just hope that religion and its mean of controlling humans and make them walking zombie disappear completely, its just a way to restrict how much people are capable of doing by giving them all the guidance they need, closing their minds, stop them from asking and researching.

Good luck!

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Jun 252007

Fore more than a month now, our soldiers were being killed by terrorist in Lebanon, and I was getting more depressed everyday when reading the headlines when I wake in the morning.

Today I couldn’t stop myself from crying when I saw a tribute page made for all the martyrs, most of those soldiers are my age and younger, they weren’t killed running or doing nothing, they were killed because they are defending us from fucking assholes that are doing everything in the name of a religion…

It really annoys me when people criticise the army as weak and inexperience and make fun of it, its the fault of the fucking government that you support assholes, they have been asking for weapons for years, but the fucking government had other plans, steal steal steal, get Ferraris, mansions, and chalets on the beaches, and let our soldiers die…

Fuck anyone who supports this government of thieves.

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